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Why the Perfect Day Doesn’t Exist

The truest form of happiness does not come from perfection, but the pursuit of it inherently.

The Key to Self-Development is Self-Discipline

Treating your life as if it was some test you can cheat on is not the way to live. Some people slide on by through life, only to wake up on their death bed wishing they had done more. #regret

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Ultimate Guide to Self-Development

The survival of your life is just a matter of how much effort you put into the strength, intelligence, and resilience you employ.

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10 Ways to Start Self-Development

I challenge you today to find a way to #MAKEACHANGE in your daily life!

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Who Am I? And What the Hell is a PolyInnovator?

A story of how my personal brand came to be, and how I plan to embody the concept of a innovation polymath.

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Self-Development 101

Understand that life is about constant growth, and that you will more than likely never stop.

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PolyInnovator Academy

The PolyInnovator Academy was built to teach you the fundamentals, and advanced ideology, for pursuing your own Self-Education