PI Forward #7 - Goals, Projects, and Phases

TL:DR | What are my goals, my projects, or even the phases that I see? I talk about all of them a lot, but never in the same place. This time I will in this PI Forward entry.

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PI Forward #7 - Goals, Projects, and Phases

I dug out this layer of the PIOS to discuss my own aspects behind what I am planning.

From the small goals, to the overarching projects, and even the all encompassing phases. Here is where I talk about all of them in the same place!

The Meso/Monthly Layer of the PIOS

Just so people can get an idea of what I am talking about, this is part of my holistic PolyInnovation Operating System. Where this layer focuses on the goals, projects, within various phases of your life.

Now for me PolyInnovator is integrated with my own life, as it is my personal brand. So each of its phases, are my own. Although I think it would be interesting/wise for others if you aren't pursuing a personal brand. Then to somewhat separate your business life and home life phases.

Meso/Monthly - Goals + Projects
Track your tasks leading into your goals, that make up all of your projects. Then all coming together into phases for your life, or personal brand, or both!


I just need growth. I think that if I were to focus just on gaming I'd grow a lot faster, but I can't do that. So I need treat it as a side brand.

Regardless any arm of the content ecosystem, raises the brand as a whole.

Other goals pertain to the projects, such as writing in the book every day, or interviewing interesting creators.


Each phase has its own project of sorts, that will take it to the next level forward. Let's go over each:

  1. Knowledge Management for Polymaths: I already released the PIOS templates for Notion, but expanding that for other platforms as well. Shifting the niche focus from just polymathy to Knowledge Management for Polymaths.
  2. Mr. Dustin's Swim Academy: Mainly just getting the book I've been working on for years out into the world. From there I'll add courses.
  3. The PolyInContent Digest: Mainly getting the PolyTools site up and running, and continue to do reviews + interviews.
  4. PolyInnovator Gaming: The game I'm developing called Phasevos, and starting up streaming.

All in all, these projects are attainable, and I think that if I get 2 and 3 done soon; Then I'll be able to focus on the other ones much more effectively.


Currently I am juggling the How to Swim, PIOS with Polymathy, and the Content Repurposing phases. They all are of equal importance right now. Despite the Knowledge Management with Polymathy focus being my MAIN overarching theme/umbrella. This particular point I had to just keep it alive.

The swimming phase is simply leading up to the book, although I've been not writing nearly as much as I should.

The content repurposing arm is something that is growing on its own, as the needs keep changing. From doing reviews, to now even doing creator interviews. There are so many opportunities.

Finally, there is the gaming arm/phase, it basically is its own brand. However since I needed to focus so much on the rest of the phases. I couldn't really do much with it. I'm hoping that once the swimming and repurposing phases calm down, that I can give this more of a real go at it.

Keeping the Burner Alive, Current Focus or Phase, and Sowing the Seeds

Currently in this year I am burning the midnight oil if you will. While I haven't been as productive as I would have liked. I still have accomplished a lot, and most importantly I have juggled many things. Which is what I was planning for/on, and spinning those plates has allowed all of them to continue.

In the last few years I have been playing this game of keeping the burner alive for various phases, or sowing seeds for the next. Without really giving the MAIN focus phase a chance to succeed. Since as time passed my phases/focuses changed, then a lot of them weren't given enough time to truly grow.

This year I played a game of spinning many plates, which is what I intended going into this year. As at least 3 phases needed progression: swimming, content repurposing, and polymathy. All three needed some sort of step forward, and continuation throughout the year. I feel that I accomplished that, albeit at the cost of the gaming arm taking a backseat.

It all comes down to how much time can you spend on the past phase, current phase, and future phase.

Your Goals and Projects go Into your Phases

It is all about abstraction, and breaking things down into smaller more easily doable chunks.

I hope this spells out my plans for PolyInnovator going FORWARD!

PolyInnovator | Personal PolyInnovation System
The PIOS, or PolyInnovation Operating System, is a multi-faceted approach to life and lifelong learning. Creating a plan on all the layers of abstraction to your life, and cultivating INPUT as well as OUTPUT.

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