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Journey to Polymath

Think of this one as the main umbrella subscription. If there are any posts related to being multidisciplinary, then they might get sent out. Otherwise it is a curated series to help you improve your polymathic life.

Also if you're a paid member, PolyPRO, then you'll get emails through here for the special mega-posts that come out 1-2 times a month!

Mr. Dustin's Swim Academy

A lot of my students over the past decade call me Mr. Dustin, so I just ran with it. This is an email series meant to literally teach you how to swim. From the fundamentals to some really advanced methodologies. Of course it is a physical practice, but you would be surprised to learn that most of my swim lessons I've taught were literally just information downloading. Meaning you can skip that part by reading ahead, then practicing the physical.

The PolyInContent Digest

Formally known as the OmniContent, the continuous series of multi-format, content repurposing, omnichannel content; Is a content model that most people could learn from.

I found that there is a lot to said in the content creation, and content repurposing space. Here is where I share that knowledge and findings.

Note: I'll also be doing reviews of content repurposing tools!

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