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TL:DR | Here is my online ecosystem of content. From the audio, to the video, and then the huge vast collection of written stuff. Additionally, my main series that is all three in one!

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A personal brand built to help you learn.

A Polymath Approach to Omnichannel Content Creation, which helps me teach you about the PIOS, Swimming, Content Repurposing, Gaming, and more!

I am referring to of course my various arms of my content ecosystem. From the knowledge management to the Modular Degree, or from the life skill of swimming to the content creator skill of repurposing!

My Digital Footprint

Every creative journey has a beginning. Let’s take a step back in time and retrace my path through the digital frontier.

  • The Blog Launch - 2012/2017
  • YouTube Emergence - 2019
  • Podcasting Debut - 2017
  • The Ultimate Ecosystem - 2019/2020/2021 (Few Attempts)
  • Shift to Knowledge Management for Polymaths focus - End of 2023
  • Revamped my 3 YT channels 2024

Written Content

This remarkable blog is dedicated to providing practical and valuable information for those seeking knowledge in #innovation or with an interest in #Self-Education. As the main author, my goal is to challenge perspectives on Self-Education, Smart Cities, and Innovation and inspire action.

This section holds immense significance to me, as I embarked on my blogging journey in 2011/2012 and have explored numerous platforms since then. With this website, I have successfully consolidated the majority of my content in one centralized location.

It represents the culmination of nearly a decade's worth of writing, where previously, documentation, the static Now Page, and the Codex were scattered across different platforms. Now, all of these elements are conveniently categorized as tags, allowing for easy exploration of various topics.

Video Content

I love making videos! Editing maybe not as much, and over the years the interviews slowed down my production of solo content. Now that I have people who can help me edit. There is a lot more I can produce, and all 3 channels got a revamp recently too!

Audio Content

I have two podcasts, both about topics I am passionate about: polymathy and content creation. I realized on the PolyCast that I really enjoyed talking to content creators in a different way. As if we were just talking shop about the field, and thus the new show was formed!

Community Info

I introduced the PolyInnovator website as a conceptual Social Network or even Expo, so perhaps that can still be a reality. If you are interested in helping that cause, then perhaps become a beta tester. For all other information:

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Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

If you have questions or need some help here is where to get it! #FAQ

What does being a Polymath (a specialized Jack of all trades) have to do with content creation?

It really comes down to maximizing the Omnichannel style of Marketing. Being everywhere at once, with successful returns on investment. For me ROI (return on investment) is about reach, and providing value to others. I create paid content because I know it is necessary, and I want to give people who really want to learn more a chance to do so; However I really think to be really successful in this day and age you need to be on all platforms.

Most people would have to hire out certain roles like graphics design or video creation. However I have been doing the former for over a decade, and the former for a few years now. Meaning that I have developed the skills in multiple areas to accomplish this feat.

On this page you will find links to various channels I use to reach you!

Who am I?

I am an individual who has always aspired to be an entrepreneur and a catalyst for change. The world requires leaders with a polymathic mindset in numerous domains, and I hope to fill one of those roles. Moreover, I aspire to inspire others to do the same and provide them with a pathway to achieve their goals.

In my lifetime, “I will be a globally recognized Innovation Polymath. Driven to Innovate technology and ideology”."

-Dustin Michael Loch Miller, CEO | PolyInnovator or Innovation Polymath

How many emails do you send out?

While I don't send out emails for every post I do make (which is a lot). If you are inclined to get something like that you can get my MailBrew, which curates all the content I make from the last week!

I send out swimming on wed, content on thur, polymathy on fri, and gaming on sat on my other website.

I hope you sign up today! -Dustin

Is my account free? Do I have to pay anything?

There is both a free accounts and PolyPro type of accounts. The free accounts get you access to members only posts, or subscribe you to one of the 3 email newsletters I make. They are about Polymathy, How to Swim, and Content Creation/Repurposing. Those are free, but I do make monthly huge posts that are really densely helpful for the PolyPRO PAID membership for only $5 a month!

How can I close my account?

This may be subject to change if any great modifications happen to the site, but currently in order to close the account:

I do not believe you can delete it on your own side, but you can unsubscribe from all emails in your account menu (click the bubble in the corner). From there you can contact support, and I can delete your account manually if you so choose.

What is the point?

I want to make a change in the world, and I felt that in order to do that I needed to become something more. Something better. PolyInnovator started as a way for me to document that process, and to aim for greater goals.

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