TeleInnovator Videos

TeleInnovator Videos

Video has become the main preferred choice in content for people of all ages. This page is a collection of my content for all of you to watch and enjoy. Please if you like the content hit that like button/share/comment/etc.

TeleInnovator Channels

YouTube: The Main Platform for Video Content

Everybody knows that over the years YT has situated itself as the video king. Now I do know there is a lot of changes going on with the platform, and considering all of the centralized problems like COPPA/Adpocalypse/etc, there could be a big change to it. Depending on the outcome, and the fact that my channel is relatively new. I may end up fully moving to another platform, and perhaps cross posting to YT/FB Watch as secondary tools!

The future of the internet is video! This means I need to keep all of the content out there in some form, which means I don't see any of these tools as the main place for TeleInnovator. Here is an alternative platform to YouTube that is built on the blockchain. Ideally it will stick around for a while.


This is a platform built on the blockchain, which just in a basic sense means that it is decentralized. Allowing for content creators like myself to truly own my works.

It is also interesting to think about the future of social media, and how many of the current platforms we see now will be replaced with decentralized alternatives. Currently I haven't been super active on there, but I aim to cross post to that site as well.

DTube is a community powered video sharing platform where users vote on videos to reward creators, curators, influencers and viewers in cryptocurrency

Many People Come to the Channel for the PolyCast

Here is the playlist for all of the Polymath PolyCast Videos.

The Polymath PolyCast
From small clips to the full length interviews, here is the video content #TeleInnovator for the #PolyCast! :)

Other people come for another Series I run every Month is the NOW Page Vlogs

A sort of episodic update on the journey of becoming a polymath!

NOW Page Vlogs
Videoโ€™s delen met vrienden, familie en de rest van de wereld


In other cases people may want to see the streaming from TeleInnovator or PolyInnovator Gaming. Here is the Twitch Channel for convenience.

Social Videos:

Still a major part of the OmniContent strategy, and sometimes some of the most unique content I put out. Such as on TikTok or IGTV being unique platforms, and so I create content solely for there.


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