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[What I do]

Hello, my name is Dustin. This website was created in order to centralize the content I create, as well as give people the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. The site is meant to be a self-education platform, of which focuses on Alternative Education with the Modular Degree.

Join me on a Journey of a Polymath

Join me on my lifelong learning experience of how to become a Polymath (a Jack of All Trades). I created this site to consolidate all the things I create, as well as to establish a legacy to inspire others.

This was made to be a tool for you to learn about innovation, self-education, and world change. You can use these courses to lead you on that path! I wanted to build a site where the courses I create allowed the students to connect, and help each other along the way.

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[Dustin writes Everyday]

Ever since I started blogging in 2011 I wanted to share my knowledge and ideas with the world. I’ve had this dream that I could impact the entire planet, and inspire people to become more than what they originally thought they could.

Let me share this passion with you in my writing!

the mindset of the future-

The Mindset of the Future

Finding Your Path Taking the steps towards the right direction will give you the opportunity to grow in the manner that is conducive to the world’s

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polyinnovator four pillars philosophy

Imbuing the Four Pillars Philosophy into Your Life

Mastering different aspects of life can be a difficult task, and can be quite daunting at first to attempt. We are here to make that transition into making a change in your life easier. Here we will explain each of the Four Pillars and how they work. Each with two ways you can get started improving and maintaining them!

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the ultimate self education blog -polyinnovator

The Ultimate Self-Education Blog

It is the process of learning by teaching yourself. Often called Autodidactism, and it is great. I absolutely love calling myself a self-teacher, for I am captivated by the thought that I could become something greater.

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the magnificent four pillars -Polyinnovator

The Magnificent Four Pillars

Nothing more, nothing less, just nothing. All with anything, and everything. The duality concept is a bit contradictory if you think about it with the Four Pillars. Alas there is a beautiful connection to them both.

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I created my Patreon account as an alternative to creating memberships on this site, as I wanted to give my patrons the ability to choose the best way to support me. I felt that the platform gives a greater opportunity for that, and I hope to be able to create connections with you there.

Custom created content geared more towards a variety of subjects, than the specific take that the blog and videos take.

You may also find the PolyBlogCast as well. (Thanks SpeechKit!)

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