Hi, my name is Dustin Miller!

This is PolyInnovator, a digital collection of content, of which is venturing into a journey of change and growth. This is my personal endeavor to become a polymath, and I create this content while on that journey of growth.

I'm an OmniContent Creator, meaning I create videos/polycasts/blogs and more.

Some topics you will see are self-growth, multidisciplinary life, gaming, exercise, and more. I elected to not narrow down to simply one niche or topic, as the ethos of this site is to exemplify all the various endeavors. The point that this site even exists is to curate all the content I create into one place. Giving you a multimedia experience, whether that is with my free articles or PolyPro paid ones. I believe in providing massive value to the people that come to visit me, and this really is like I'm inviting you into my home. Welcome.

There has been a lot of content I've made over the years, on a variety of platforms, and now they all in one place!

Learn how to #MAKEACHANGE in your own life with the Personal PolyInnovation System, which incorporates: Self-Education, Self-Improvement, and Self-Development all into one! This was created after the ideas of the Four Pillars Philosophy and the Modular Degree came into being.

Both are tools to help you on your growth journey. Jump over to those pages to learn more. I truly hope you enjoy the experience of exploring my site, and I encourage you to dig deep!