Welcome, My name is Dustin

You may be wondering what a Polymath (or a Jack of All Trades) is, then feel free to take this link to find out. If one Polymath like da Vinci is able to change the world, then imagine if we even more modern versions of that? Innovation is the key to change in our modern world. Meaning we need a Polymath of Innovation were to #MAKEACHANGE in the world now.

I am a PolyInnovator, or creating my future to be one at least, and this is my journey.

Hello my name is Dustin, and you are on the PolyInnovator website.

I’ve spent a long time thinking and testing what to put on this website to describe it to you the reader. In most cases it would be designed to tell the story of polymaths, other times more on the tune of entrepreneurship, and even others as various niches.

In reality it is all of those things. PolyInnovator is MY personal brand, yes, but I created it so I could share the creations I make with you. Including the PolyInnovator concept as well. I hope that years from now, maybe even a century, there will be someone who believes themselves to one too. That legacy of being a polymath of innovation will continue.

The second mindset I have when creating this, is that I have a vast amount of interests. More than most people even, and I want to pursue all of them. I.e. polymathy, creative endeavors, career paths, and much more. This brand allows me to create that Jack of all trades career.

These careers I am making for myself, and that you can see the progress on; this is what I mean by “Join me on a journey of a polymath”!


Do You Want an Alternative to College?

Check out the modular degree & the power of Self-Education!

Ever since I started blogging in 2011 I wanted to share my knowledge and ideas with the world. I’ve had this dream that I could impact the entire planet, and inspire people to become more than what they originally thought they could.

Let me share this passion with you in my writing!

Get an education during quarantine polyinnovator

How to Get an Education during the Quarantine

We go over what I call Self-EduDevMent, which is the culmination of Self-Development, Self-Education, and Self-Improvement. All of which are unique to your experience in their own right. When you manage to maintain all three, then it exponentially grows your understanding of what you are learning.


How Elementor Saved the PolyInnovator Website

I want to share the story with you about how the Elementor plugin saved my website! What makes you get up in the morning? For me it is my website, and the people who follow the content I create. That is what drives me to do more and more. Well my main hub, my site, broke late last year.


Podcasting is a growing field, and the one way to stand out for sure is to be a polymath like myself. You will get a ton of great audio streams from topics like Self-Education, to gaming, and beyond.

Custom created content geared more towards a variety of subjects, and I’ll be doing special tips and tricks in the audio format that you won’t get elsewhere.

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