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If one Polymath (a Jack of All Trades) like da Vinci is able to change the world, then imagine if a Polymath of Innovation were to #MAKEACHANGE in the world now.


I’m a content creator and blogger, and so I created this site to consolidate all my works. If you scroll down you will find out why I do this, as well as links to major content hubs. I.e. YouTube or Blog.

Everyone’s future is predicated on their past, and the choices they make. That means YOUR future is based on the actions you take now, and the things you learn now.

Regardless of your goals, the process is the same, take one step after the other. For some people those steps may be different, but we are all still wanting to move forward.

Firstly by checking out the content on this site! You will gain a lot of knowledge, and skills that you need to develop yourself even further.

It is my belief that everyone should practice Self-Education. #foundation

That they should upkeep that with Self-Improvement. #consistency

Then increase your progress exponentially with Self-Development. #catalyst

The way you do this is with what I call Self-EduDevMent, the combination of all three life changes into one system.

Hello my name is Dustin, and you are on the PolyInnovator website. What is that, and why should you care? This website was created in order to centralize the content I create, as well as give people the opportunity to create their own Self-Education.

I wanted to give people the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. The site is meant to be a self-education platform, of which focuses on Alternative Education with the Modular Degree. However in time that will expand to more innovative topics as well!


Do You Want an Alternative to College?

Check out the modular degree & the power of Self-Education!

This was made to be a tool for you to learn about innovation, self-education, and world change. You can use these courses to lead you on that path! I wanted to build a site where the courses I create allowed the students to connect, and help each other along the way.

If you sign up to the list you will be up to date on everything PolyInnovator Content. As well as get a lot of exclusive email only content!

Ever since I started blogging in 2011 I wanted to share my knowledge and ideas with the world. I’ve had this dream that I could impact the entire planet, and inspire people to become more than what they originally thought they could.

Let me share this passion with you in my writing!

Self Education Vs College

Self Education Vs College

Why self-edu may be for you instead of going through a traditional way of schooling. Perhaps you’re not an academic based learner, maybe your learning style doesn’t vibe well with school, or perhaps you simply want an alternative.


I created my Patreon account as an alternative to creating memberships on this site, as I wanted to give my patrons the ability to choose the best way to support me. I felt that the platform gives a greater opportunity for that, and I hope to be able to create connections with you there.

Podcasting is a growing field, and the one way to stand out for sure is to be a polymath like myself. You will get a ton of great audio streams from topics like Self-Education, to gaming, and beyond.

Custom created content geared more towards a variety of subjects, and I’ll be doing special tips and tricks in the audio format that you won’t get elsewhere.

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