PolyInnovator (Dustin Miller) Manifesto

TL:DR | One of my most personal posts I've ever written. I'm not sure if anyone will read it, or if it will become a huge thing. However the point is this is what I intend from my life. I see it ahead.

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What is the point of a manifesto?

I want to achieve great things in my life, and I can't stand the thought of being in the same place I am now 10 years from now. Let alone even just a year, and recently my future has been on my mind a lot.

I also fear death, as just later today or tomorrow I could be ran over or we could all be destroyed in some global crisis. A bit over dramatic sure, but it is still an ever present possibility. My fear is that I have not done enough in my life thus far to make it as worthwhile.

Sure I have taught a 1000 people to swim, and I have left smiles on people's lives throughout my life. However I have so much more to offer, and so much I intend to do. Not just because of my polymathic lifestyle, but more importantly due to my dreams.

I go into this in another PolyPRO post, which is an interesting deep dive itself. Although today I wanted to share my unfiltered goals, as if you are willing to join the membership, then you care enough to probably read this. If no one reads it, then I'm okay with that. As they always say don't share your goals.

However I gotta get this off my chest, and ideas out there. Just in case. I dipped my toe in the water with the Manifesto PolyCast I shared above in this post. Even it though I felt like I held back a bit.

This is an Example of what my PolyPro Posts Look like

Meaning that the paid subscription gets you long form, information/wisdom dense, and overall just full of value posts like this. Topics may vary, but the quality does not! You can expect awesome detailed posts like this one!

Check out the PolyPro membership:

The PolyInnovator Pro Membership | PolyPro
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I can already hear it now. No this is not some vain attempt for attention or an ego trip. It is simply me trying to share what I feel is what my life will entail.

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