Knowledge Management for Polymaths [PolyPRO]

TL:DR | I wanted to create a deeper explanation of the (PIOS) PolyInnovation Operating System as a whole. This PolyPRO post goes into more detail about each layer!

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Knowledge Management for Polymaths [PolyPRO]

Going forward this is what the next phase of PolyInnovator is going to be about. The ability to plan out your life on every level, and manage multiple disciplines throughout your life.

I don't see it just as your system for your life RIGHT NOW, but as the thing that will help you Lifelong. Hence the name of the main newsletter the "JOURNEY to Polymathy", which means it takes time. Knowledge management has been instrumental on my own personal journey, and I think the lessons I learned will help you all. In fact I think that I was meant to make the mistakes I did, and learn the tricks/tips that I did. In order to teach YOU.

Whether your are a generalist or specialist, and especially if you are a polymath; This post will help you dramatically rearrange your life.

Why is it different for Polymathic people?

Knowledge is universal, and when you pursue a discipline or field, then you simply need to gain knowledge. When orchestrating your life, then you must first decide how you want to go about it.

When a polymath decides to pursue something out of curiosity, then generally it is with a voracious ferocity. That fire to learn often leads them down a path towards specialism in that area. Until the next one comes along. Hence the difference between a jack of all trades versus a polymath for example. A novice versus an expert. However this is an expert in MANY fields, hence why a Polymath would need a system that can handle those MANY focuses/specialties.

Creating a generalist productivity system isn't rocket science, but for some reason most creators (i.e. say for Notion) have yet to really think about it. Let alone do it. They made some cool systems like the second brain, or some advanced Notion dashboard. However they're still influenced by the societal pressure of specialization. Even the polymathic creators!

A Generalist Productivity System
Creating your plan for life is more than just writing it down. It is bringing back to your values, understanding how you spend your time, and keeping track of multiple focuses.

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