Meso/Monthly - Goals + Projects

Meso/Monthly - Goals + Projects

These are your Areas, Endeavors, Sprints, Phases, Goals, and Projects. Whatever term of categorization for you information architecture that you prefer.

Honestly, I see the system supporting them all, and maybe one day it will. For one I am focused on three:




In that order.

They increase in size and time length as it goes down, and fit within each other like a Matryoshka doll. Your goals lead you to complete projects, and your projects fit into your overall phases. One example that is burning in my brain as I write this to share, is the idea that phases are year long (maybe longer), Projects are quarterly (maybe as short as a month), and goals are the week or month long endeavors you aim towards.

PolyInnovation Levels of Abstraction:

This is the third layer of the PIOS, and is the more big picture sort of level. Organizing your actions, tasks, and content based around what goals you have. Perhaps by what projects your undertaking as well. Learn more about the system here:

PolyInnovator | Personal PolyInnovation System
The PIOS, or PolyInnovation Operating System, is a multi-faceted approach to life and lifelong learning. Creating a plan on all the layers of abstraction to your life, and cultivating INPUT as well as OUTPUT.

Organizing all the way down the PIOS

You'll spend more time with this in the weekly level, but even on the monthly level I think it would be a good idea. For one organizing your Resonance Inbox so it doesn't get unwieldy.

Adding tags, setting up ideas for content/journal, and aligning with your Macro level. This also goes for the input and output databases too, as your Modegree and Content System can get quite large too.

By setting goals to organize, goals to learn, goals to create, then you put in your brain that this thing needs to be done. You're far more likely to actually go and do it too.

Projecting the Phases

Your phases are like my Modegree or Interviews, they are the main focus for that year or timespan. When you aim yourself towards the actions you wish to take, the you need some sort of mechanism to get those done.

Your projects act like the mediary, and they can be public too if you choose, which allows for greater accountability.


You should pick at least one personal, and one professional goal each quarter. Perhaps each month once you start getting the hang of things.

Could be a workout habit, could be a new content series, or it could be something completely different.


The bigger items that take multiple goals to accomplish, and overall could be endeavors like creating a template for Notion, mini series of content, growth hacking endeavor, etc.


Something that takes multiple projects and goals to get done. Perhaps even a few years.

I also view these as interleaving, as just because one starts a new phases, it doesn't mean the old one is defaulting to complete. Perhaps you reach a point in a phase where you can't continue, or maybe needs to be done over time. That is how I felt about my Modegree, I couldn't continue at that time. Posting just about my own diy Modegree wasn't going to help me grow, and creating content on the framework wasn't possible without and MVB (minimum viable build).

Now that the Notion Template is getting close to completion I can make that Phase more of a focus again.

Note: The Modular Degree template IS part of the PIOS, as it is an input for your life, and will be attached to the eventual PIOS template, as well as it's own template for those who just want that learning framework.

Let it Flow

It is all about organizing your goals into tasks, projects into goals and tasks, and phases into goals/tasks/projects.

The layers of abstraction help you think on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly scale!


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