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When I started content creation I had to work 2-3 jobs in order to pay the bills, then I would go home at night and work on PolyInnovator. The funny thing is with swimming and exercise I never had a day off, there was always something on the weekends or evenings. What kept me going was the idea that I could go home and create more, work on the website, or reach out to cool people like you.

I've have found and made a myriad of ways to bring in income, but they all rely on people like you to support!

Where the Money Goes to!

I created PolyInnovator to be the foundation for many phases, but many of you will know me for the Multidisciplinary Spectrum, as well as the Modular Degree. The former being the content around discovering your own multidisciplinary lifestyle, and finding out where you may be on the spectrum. I.e. Generalist, Specialist, or even Polymath.

The latter being the Modegree, a system for Modular Education, started by me to organize my own self-education. However since then has grown to be a system other people can apply towards their own pathways as well.

When you support me, then you support these causes, and help me pay for bills while Iโ€™m focusing on working on PolyInnovator. Iโ€™ve literally worked three jobs just to pay my rent, so that I could come home and work on this stuff. Even today as I write this, I got home, and went straight to working on all of this. The more help I get the less stress I will have to go through, that I have living paycheck to paycheck.

Not only do you help me live the life that I dream of, but you help me on the journey of becoming a Polymath of Innovation. So that I can truly make a change in the world!

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-Dustin M. PolyInnovator


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