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By going Poly Pro you will become the lifeblood of the company, and be able to help continue to make massive amounts of great content year round!

simple & cheap plans

As much as I needed a way to monetize what I am creating for sustainablility; I did not want to overcharge like how some creators do. I respect my patrons, and want them to succeed too!

Exclusive PolyCasts

I'm going to create a PolyCast feed solely directed towards my Patrons. Meaning what they want to in the subjects I work with, which is a lot. Giving YOU a layer of control!

Access to unique courses

I built the website to run on Patreon memberships. Meaning when you becoming a Patron you get access to exclusive content like courses, discord roles, and special posts!

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Frequently asked questions

PolyPro is the membership for PolyInnovator Community/Academy. There is quite a lot of exclusive content planned for the patrons. This being said there is already some pages, courses, and an upcoming PolyProCast in the works.

As of December 2019 I have them as

  • Supporter at $1+
  • PolyPro at $10+

In time however they may be subject to change. However I will try to make sure that those who sign up now are considered as “early adopters”, and be grandfathered in so to speak.

I kept them simple as each one will help me reach a new level in Content Creation. Mainly because since I am currently paying out of pocket, that I have to pay my bills on top of everything.


At this point I have a variety of bills to pay for running PolyInnovator, such as email (currently not costing with Mailchimp), website hosting, Messenger chatbot, website page builder, and more. Reaching this Goal will allow me to relieve some of the costs of those expenses, and then in turn focus more on other things.


Getting to this point will allow me to actually take up new avenues for growth, and perhaps increase marketing efforts beyond what I currently can. More than that I can start supporting my living expenses, which would allow me to legitimately start growing the business.


The main goal at this point via Patreon. My expenses total (generally) around $700 a month, which is low compared to the rest of the country. However this takes up all my income that I make from my job, and by getting this goal I would be able to actually feel capable of growth.

Honestly you should support me if you like my content, but if you don’t then no hard feelings. Hopefully something that I create will one day bring a smile to your face.

I sort of answered this in the goals question above, but TL;DR is that I will be using the money to take care of my expenses.ย  That way I can focus on creating content without worrying about keeping the lights on. I know that this is something every Content Creator says, but it is true. Not being able to pay rent is a scary situation.

You will get exclusive access to locked content on this site, including blog posts, courses, and more.

Not to mention access to the Patreon page, where I post content only for my patrons there.

On top of all that you will get special roles in the discord channel, and shoutouts on YouTube from time to time.

P.S. If you think of an idea for a reward for being PolyPro, then go to my Patreon page and answer the poll!

Patreon is a different platform than this site, and allows me to integrate with many other platforms as well. If you have questions Contact Me.