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PolyInnovator Gaming

I have always been a gamer all my life, and this brand may have very wide ranging interests and content. However I would be remiss to not cater to my own passions. I want to share my gaming with you all. Just like my PolyInContent my Streaming Content will be Platform Agnostic.

Meaning you can find it on a plethora of channels. The link below will take you to Twitch, but other platforms can be found using the links above.Thanks and come join!

Check out my Twitch Stream!

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Secret Season

Secret Streams While I get started

I have already streamed a couple times to test things out, I have been using Gamecaster, and it worked alright. I like the tool, but it failed to actually send my stream out at one point. I literally was "streaming" for an hour, from what it said on the tool, then it never showed up on Twitch.

Not sure if it was GC or Twitch's fault, but either way makes me a bit more careful.

Think of it like a Beta Test/Run

I need to test certain technologies, like the ones below, to see what works best. Also would like to get as much feedback as I can. Although that is probably most prudent once my Gaming Audience grows.

Using Platforms like Restream or Youstreamer

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Re-stream to any platform
YouStreamer - is the easiest tool to multistream to facebook, youtube, twitch, mixer and many other platforms

I plan on syndicating my stream across most major channels: YouTube Gaming, Twitch, D.live, and maybe even Caffeine.

I want to take my polymathic OmniContent approach like I said, and not be confined to just one. Making a "switch" between platforms like most streamers have been doing lately just seems silly to me.

Usually it is the streamers who get a contract from the platform itself however which makes sense.

What I plan to Stream

Using unique topics, games, or gameplay mechanics to make things interesting. For example when I play Bethesda games I have it planned to share my modding experience. Then playing the modded game on stream.

Game Topic
Story of Seasons Nostalgia
Skyrim SE/AE Modding to hell
Mass Effect Trilogy Playing Through one of my Fav Series
Fallout 3/NV/4 Modding to hell
Diablo 2 Nostalgia

Here is my website for the PolyInGaming brand:

PolyInnovator Gaming
A generalist/polymath approach to video game playing!


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