The United Living Construct [U.L.C.]

The United Living Construct [U.L.C.]

It has been a long journey since I first initiated the idea of the United Living Construct, or U.L.C.

The process seemed so insurmountable, that I ended up putting it on hold, as I felt that "I" wasn't good enough yet to create it. When starting a movement the idea is to get the ball rolling, and it is usually the 1st follower or the people themselves that carry it. However the U.L.C. is more than a movement, it is a concept of a Smart City as well. Meaning that I can't just do it by myself, but I also have to be the one to figure out the beginning stages.

In that light I decided to find a degree to pursue Smart City Development, and I failed to find any at the time around the world. Instead I created the Modular Degree, and created a new age education system for myself. That I could then share with others, and at the time of this writing still creating.

The Modular Education philosophy fits quite well into the U.L.C.'s ethos as well, and the hub endorses polymathy.

"Creating World Unity through Self-Development"

The idea was to change the macro by first changing the micro individual. I cannot make anyone do anything, but I can show people how to improve themselves. Why they should, and what it means to them to do so. When you inspire change in the individuals, then it creates better communities, then the other part of the U.L.C. is to create Smart Cities, once again building up communities. Finally when all of them have been improved. That is when the global level of unity and advancement will be leveled up if you will.

Creating a Hub of Innovation

Uniting innovators around the world isn't as easy as just creating a social network or mastermind. It is far more deep than that, and you can look at Singularity University or the Venus Project as great examples.

I see the U.L.C. as the hub for those kinds of organizations. They may be trying to achieve similar goals, although I think we need a deeper network between all of them. Same goes for Polymaths, which is why I have tried my hand at the PolyInnovator Construct from time to time. As a sort of spiritual successor, or perhaps precursor to the U.L.C. Depending on how you look at it.

A technologically advanced smart city of the future.

From the startup hubs and incubators, to the R&D labs of companies, and innovation based colleges. They all have things to offer in their own way. The people there too have their own problems, that can be solved by pulling people in from other areas.

Bringing together innovators of all kinds is crucial, although I find that the future of innovation revolves around the multidisciplinary.

The people who can bridge biology and technology for BioTech, etc.

Prosperity for all of humanity through the innovative path.


People living together under a common goal of transformation of society, and bringing a new age to humanity. A change movement that has already started in groups all over the world.


Living together in a more unified way, a circular economy, with an integrated living apparatus. For example the dining halls being multi-age, multi-circle/expertise, and multi-communities. Perhaps even switching from time to time so that new people can meet.

Encouraging cross-discipline meetings, and cross-contextual thinking.


A digital endeavor that will eventually be a physical smart city. Starting out as a unique combination of ideas, cultivating a change/growth mindset, and then building out the future capital of the world.

One of the desktop wallpapers I had made for it

From Digial to Smart City

Now with the Metaverse being a thing that countless companies are trying to make, then perhaps I will be able to achieve this vision I have. Just not yet physical, maybe it won't even have to be. Who knows where the future will be.

Creating a revolution, let alone a movement, is already a tall order. However on the magnitude that the United Living Construct would need to reach is even taller.

Creating an oceanic seastead as a capital of the world is what I believe would be the great magnum opus goal. Leading the world into becoming a Type-1 Civilization.

Uniters, Leaders, Creators (ULCians)

When I conceptualized the U.L.C. I thought about the people living in it as these circles. Like a venn diagram, where people overlap, and switch between positions throughout their life, and eventually reach the next one below.

People who can be charismatic and bring people together, the movement makers. The shakers of the common norm, they are the Uniters. #MacroClouds

The leaders of the day to day operations, the alternative politicians of the new age, and the people who are good at the details. #MicroDirt

Finally, the creators, the ones who can show the masses new ideas, and share them via multiple mediums. #glue

PolyULCians (poly- ulll-si-an)

I view this as the modern day polymath if you will, using the lens of the ULCians above. They are the venn diagram coming full circle, and merging together the circles of people above. They act almost as the defacto leaders/uniters, one step higher, as they can think of the problems faced in multiple domains.

Allowing for each circle in the diagram to be heard.

Polymaths and Multidisciplinary People

This is the people I have been interviewing, the ones that are living out their best lives by pursuing their multiple passions.

I think everyone to some degree is like this, but with the specialist society we are squandered.

In the U.L.C. everyone will be encouraged to pursue their curiosities, and that will lead to some dilettantes, but more often than not: Polymaths. Who can then be the PolyULCians the society needs.


The researchers, the creators on the frontier of technology, and the polymaths who dream of new domains. They are the people making up the population of the circles of the U.L.C.

My PolyInnovator Endeavor/Personal Brand

My goal was twicefold: I wanted to improve myself in the realms of innovation, as well as increase my own polymathic knowledge. By learning a lot of things I could help out the U.L.C. in multifaceted ways. The idea of the PolyInnovator came from the PolyULCian.

A combination of what a leader could be, the inspiration of a uniter, and the power of a creator. Someone who could do all of that. Inspire a movement, leader of the smart city, and creator of content so that people could take in the ideas.

It has grown from there, but I think that is the point. To be ever improving.

Another of the desktop wallpapers I had made for it

By inviting World Unity, then we can be prepared for the next steps of humanity. Being a Type-1, exploring the stars, embracing extraterrestrials, and solving the problems we are currently facing.

The U.L.C. Playlist

To learn more about what I envision for this endeavor.

2024 Update:

I haven't written about the U.L.C. in a very long time, not even in blog posts, and while I subtlety mentioned it in podcasts here and there. I think I needed to add a bit of an update on this.

People probably aren't going to be reading this at the time of writing, but perhaps ten years from now. Curious to see the journey along the way.

The way I see it is that I'm slowly building connections with certain individuals with specific skills. Interviewing them, meeting them at conferences, etc.

Thus when the time comes when I reignite this phase for the U.L.C., which yes I do consider it a phase of PolyInnovator. Then I'll be able to execute tenfold, as I will have the right people, and hopefully by that point the right skills.

I still need to increase my smart city, and seasteading knowledge. However I will do that. The whole reason I pivoted from making content around the U.L.C., and switched to my personal brand PolyInnovator. Was that I needed to become better, if I ever hoped to achieve this dream of mine. Creating a global capital that can move as a seastead!


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