The PolyCast Interviews [Guest List]

The PolyCast Interviews [Guest List]

2024 Update:

I realized that I can't keep adding more to this page. Not only does it take FOREVER to load, even on a great connection, it also doesn't do the RECENT guests justice if they are down at the bottom. I really like the concept of this page, but without being able to use toggle switches to hide the youtube videos from slowing down the page. Then it doesn't work.

I've been wanting to do blog posts for each season for the interviews, similar to how I did for the solo-polycast episodes. However I was waiting until I got the blog posts done for each guest, given how that it is a whole other challenge for that. I think the best course is to make a post for each season. I'll link them here for your convenience, and then I'll add the blog posts later.

This is a page dedicated to all of the absolutely wonderful guests who have come onto the show. Currently the best ways to see all that have come on is to go to the video playlist.

That isn't ideal for everyone, as there isn't a numbered list, and the pod page is based on seasons as well. I will have season based lists as well to help break it up, those will be blog posts linked below once the season is complete.

In any case this page will list out every guest in chronological order that I have in my own CRM database. Just a number, name, upload date, and link to video/audio. The cool thing about this is that future guests are included as well, so that if you are one of them eagerly awaiting your upload. Then you can get an estimated time of upload, or ETU!

Note: The ETU is subject to change, as just like the end of 2020 I did an accelerated release schedule, in Jan of 2021 I slowed down a lot to avoid burnout, and now I'm catching back up as of Feb 2021. Meaning episodes may come out SOONER than the ETU.

P.S. For guests, no matter what you'll always get an email with links and info!

List of the Polymath PolyCast Guests!

I'm going to do most recent first, then previous seasons oldest-last.

Season Seven

A new age for the PolyCast!

Will add link when it is ready!

Season Six

Off to a new start! Hopefully the returning guest series starts here too!

Season Six of The Polymath Polycast Interviews
This season took a lot longer than I expected. I had planned for half a year. It ended up taking about a year, which I think was due to procrastination unfortunately.

Season Five

I was playing catch up at this point, so I'm very grateful for the patience the guests had.

Season Five of The Polymath Polycast Interviews
Not as many guests this time around, but I really wanted to get onto a regular routine. Finally got some people who I had been wanting to talk to for a long time too!

Season Four

One of the strongest seasons, with some really powerful stories shared.

Season Four of The Polymath Polycast Interviews
Some heavy hitters in this season. With a lot more deep dives into the MACRO of polymathy and global civilization.

Season Three

Starting to get a hang of things.

Season Three of The Polymath Polycast Interviews
I started getting a grasp of how the interviews go. Went more wide with the range of guests. From more Multipotentialite to Jack of all Trades.

Season Two

The first season I started doing interviews.

Season Two of The Polymath Polycast Interviews
The start of it all, and I always wanted to start doing interviews. I just wasn’t sure how to go about it. Season 2 was the start of something big!


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