MetaVerse + NFT's + Decentralization + Blockchain = Web 3.0

TL:DR | The future of the internet, web 3.0, and the decentralized way of life we will be in. NOTE: This is an idea sharing and resource sharing post, meaning opinions, videos, and links galore.

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MetaVerse + NFT's + Decentralization + Blockchain = Web 3.0

As a technologist, and self-proclaimed futurist; I think it is my duty to share what I think the future will hold. From social media going decentralized, and blockchain being the fundamental building block of all future internet tech. You heard me right, All.

I think this is a time to stamp my place in history, place my bets if you will, and more importantly than that... Learn! Self-education is a major principle in PolyInnovator, and I got in a rabbit hole within minutes of watching Gary Vee's new video. An interview with Mark Zuckerburg, CEO/Founder of Meta.

I don't necessarily even like Meta as a company (formerly Facebook), and that could offend some readers of this post. An opinion purely from a user of the platform since 2009 (really early on), and prolific content creator. However what Fac....Meta does is bound to set in stone some trends to keep an eye out for.

Meta made purchases like Instagram or WhatsApp, purely because they could see the potential of each app's kernel features. Meta's own "feed" became a staple in almost all social networks, and "stories" from Snapchat flew to Instagram/Linkedin/Twitter/etc.

All of these social networks are glorified experiments with revenue.

What those experiments do, are just the byproduct of how that app connects people together. Snapchat's disappearing stories lead to quick, and at first incognito, little pictures/messages that would make you closer to someone.

Same for Instagram's unique way of approaching images, sure there are issues with body image, but that is because of how we used the platform as users. We glorified exercise gurus, fit women, and hot people by liking/following them. We are now seeing podcasters find unique ways of creating content for the platform, or perhaps with IG Reels it will change completely. I still think people are sleeping on IGTV too. It all comes together, and that is why Instagram is so polymathic.

How this Post is Structured

Well I'm currently building out the skeleton, as I write this section. Meaning I'm going with the flow, and that will lead to some great ideas. Now hopefully my skills as a blogger will kick in, and make it all flow together. If not then I am sorry, but hold out because you wouldn't want to miss a golden idea/nugget.

Each video or link I'll try to touch on, could be a paragraph, or could be an entire blog post's worth. Note: I may end up doing a post on it in the future too.

Please for the maximum experience, and for you to get the best understanding of this post. You must try to consume as much as I share here. Some videos are long, and so I encourage you to either speed them up and/or listen to them as a podcast.

Here is a playlist made with all the videos in this post, as you may want to watch them separately, or as you go!


Now I touched on the future of Social Media in the past, and I highly encourage you to read that post first before going on:

The Future of Social Media | PolyInnovator
How does the future of social media evolve? What are the lines that must be drawn, or the technology needed for a global social change?

What I think is interesting with my content pod idea I shared, is that it doesn't matter what "app" or channel you are viewing from. I.e. Instagram or Pinterest, the image you are viewing can be retrieved from any of them. Just the user experience you prefer, or the social circle you are connected to; Those are going to be the reasons you choose one platform or another.

This leads into Meta's Metaverse concept of layers. At least that is how I understood it, as the different levels of abstraction grow. 2D becomes 3D, and 3D becomes VR/AR. The level of immersion, and more importantly connection between people increases.

That potential of bringing social connections closer IS the main motivation behind the Metaverse. Let me be clear. I am not saying that Meta's intentions are pure and heart of gold, but that doesn't mean that they are not. Yes they need to make money, but I am sure there are good people that work there. That literally just want the see the world more connected. However will all of the trouble the company has been through I wanted to be clear, and tread carefully with my words.

Keep in mind the more people are connected, and fulfilling our natural desire to feel the warmth of others (digitally or not). Then the more money the company can make, and this goes for ALL social networks. Presumably decentralized ones too, it is too soon to say (see steemit fiasco, now

"I would argue any forward thinking brand would have a presence here." Keep in mind that every single person IS a brand, and you market yourself everyday to the people you meet. How you introduce yourself is your branding, how you hold yourself is your branding, and it only makes sense that your online presence is YOUR BRANDING. In this case personal brand, and if you are a forward thinking brand; Then you would have a presence in the Metaverse, or any of its undoubtly competitors.

Extra Video for this Sub-Topic:

One Major Key to Unlocking the Door...

As he said in the next video "the key is decentralization of ownership...", and that level of freedom a decentralized platform gives you. It is what will drive humanity to make the next phase of the internet. I saw humanity as a whole because platform creators, regardless if they are centralized or decentralized, can't do the things they do WITHOUT people.

Here are some platforms I am on as decentralized networks:

The latest posts from PolyInnovator. Follow me at @polyinnovator. 🧠#PolyInnovator #Polymath of #Innovation 🎙️Host of #ThePolymathPolyCast 🎥#OmniContent Creator & of the Modular #Education Framework 🎓
PolyInnovator · DLive is the largest live streaming community on the blockchain. Discover amazing games and channels, and earn rewards by watching streams on DLive now.
DTube is a community powered video sharing platform where users vote on videos to reward creators, curators, influencers and viewers in cryptocurrency

Now I still need to do better at being more active on them, but I think they are the future alternatives to Medium/Reddit, Twitch, and Youtube respectively.

Quick video!
Blockchain For Social Media: 11 Possible Use Cases - Disruptor Daily
Social media has become indistinguishable from daily life for the majority of citizens… ...
How Blockchain is Solving the Biggest Problems in Social Networking
It is no secret that social networking is an integral part of many people’s lives. If you are like most people, you are likely to be on…

Another one is Mastodon, which is sort of like Twitter in a way, and now I can't speak for the quality of it. As the actual app is great, but I am only in one community. The way the blockchain works, is that anyone can fork and make their own community (which is essentially their own social network). Take that for what you will, I had some really awesome tech and futurist people I saw on there, as well as degenerate ultra political obsessed people. If you know me I detest politics, as I don't agree with most people on any side. lol

Anyways point being it is still in the infancy stage.

Dustin Miller | PolyInnovator (
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Something BEYOND social networks that I find fascinating, although since it is a company IS centralized... and expensive. BUT

Timestamp Ecosystem
WordProof Timestamp Ecosystem TRUST – TRANSPARENCY – ACCOUNTABILITY – DECENTRALISATION Source statistics: 2019 CIGI-Ipsos Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust; Our vision on Self-Sovereign Identities and Decentralized Identifiers for Content; WordProof’s Pitch at Europe’s Blockchains for Soc…

A system that takes down the exact timestamp of when your piece of content was posted, and stamps it on the blockchain (meaning it theoretically can't be faked). Just a really unique way of making sure you have control over your data and content, and helps prevent people from stealing it.

Expanding Upon the Social Networks

Here I will share other networks, and unique ideas related to them that I don't have much of a place for. However should be noted at least.

Note: That may mean I don't have experience with them, and do not endorse them such as I did with or!!

Here is one I recently found.

Speaking of Twitter...

Twitter announces dedicated crypto team as company wants to invest in decentralized tech
In an unexpected and surprising move, Twitter announced a new team dedicated to working with crypto and blockchain.
The Future Of Social Media is Decentralized
Guest article expanding on social media, data protection and trust, by Shirly Valge, COO at Velas
The platform to build and sustain high-performing tech teams
Gather actionable insights to develop & sustain high performing software engineering teams
LIVE - Login is broadcasting on YouNow
YouNow is the best way to broadcast live and get an audience to watch you.
Instars: Earn Crypto for Consensual Data Exchange
Deso | The Decentralized Social Blockchain
Welcome to BitClout
BitClout is a platform owned by its users. Bitcoin is decentralizing money, BitClout is decentralizing social media.

Decentralized Alternative to TikTok?

I literally just found this as I was doing all this research and learning. So I have not used it, but I am actively considering posting content there like TikTok. Given how similar the platforms are, and my philosophy on early content adoption. It may be a good idea, if not great idea.

CanCan, the Internet Computer’s ‘Decentralized TikTok,’ Is Now Open Source
The dapp shows the potential of tokenization and the advantages of running mass-market open internet services on the Internet Computer.

Note: My aforementioned philosophy in case your curious, is that when a platform gets popular, such as Tiktok. Then other platforms copy the mechanisms/gimmick, such as YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. Then the early adopter benefit is that you can cross post without penalty, and it makes it easier to join the new features/platforms. So unless you have a watermark, like how tiktok has on their vids, then you can syndicate your videos on all three. Now perhaps all four if you include CanCan.

DFINITY Foundation | Internet Computer
The Internet Computer is the world’s first blockchain that runs at web speed and serves content on the web, with unbounded capacity.

The NFT GoldRush

Remember the California Gold Rush, or the Florida beach front property? Yeah, me either, as we both weren't even alive at that time in history. However with the rise of social media there was a gold rush to gaining subscribers and adsense. Many of us missed out on that, although I'd argue we still can make significant growth now... see my omnichannel post.

How to Go OmniChannel with Content | PolyInnovator
The definitive post on creating omnichannel content as a content creator or influencer. Maximize your reach 10X, and go global!

With that being said, there is another goldrush now, the NFT market, and finding a niche in the new VR worlds like Metaverse. The quicker you can get into it the better. I remember back in 2011/2012 I was digging into VR headsets, way before they were "cool", and I'd argue they still aren't THAT common now.

Particularly my motivation was gaming yes, but that doesn't mean it couldn't translate to other areas. A couple years ago I looked into making VR content, and I actually bought an action camera recently for swimming videos. What is to say I bought another and put them side by side to make 3D videos for VR?

Onto the NFT's they are a  non-fungible token, which means that since they are built on a decentralized blockchain (sort of a redundant pairing of words there); That they can be sent out everywhere without the risk of it being stolen.

I was going to link to business insider but their site blocked me from accessing purely cause of my adblocker. Screw that.

I came across a tool called Uhmi that allowed you to put a micro paywall for various content pieces on your site. Could be a video, pdf, or something small. Perhaps even an NFT in the future. Figured a rare tool like this is worth mentioning, as we would probably see more of them in the near future.

Polygram - Discover DeSo NFTs
Discover, collect and sell NFTs on the DeSo blockchain.
Entrepot - Marketplace for NFTs on the Internet Computer
NFT Marketplace for the Internet Computer, developed by ToniqLabs
Metaverse cryptos that are blowing up in 2021
Metaverse crypto ranked by their potential to disrupt the world.

Again please don't be daunted by the sheer number, and you can always skip to the next section. I just want to put these here for the people it is like catnip to. The ones who can't get enough information, and when they see this list it lights them up. :)

Metaverse Will Have Multiple Winners Across Internet and Gaming, Says Wedbush
Wedbush analysts told investors that the wealth created by assets like NFTs will spread across the metaverse.


Sneak Peek of the Blockster Platform - Blog
We are delighted to announce that Blockster Social Network is fully functional. After months of exhaustive testing from experienced guests and influencers, we a

What is Web 3.0 and the New Frontier of the Internet?

I found this concept to be in all of the videos/resources above, but I wanted to touch on it separately. The level of expansiveness is quite exponential when you really get into it, from blockchain to NFT or the Metaverse. I am sure there are more topics too related to Web 3.0 that I am forgetting even too.

With blockchain people all over the world can become economically active, and it leads to modernizing some 3rd world countries too. That is just one benefit to this future.

Web 3.0 Manifesto: Why Web 3.0 Matters
What is Web 3.0? In a one-liner – it’s the next era of the Internet.
Web3 Foundation
Web3 Foundation Nurtures and stewards technologies and applications in the fields of decentralized web software protocols

The Spatial Web | Peter H. Diamandis

Ironically in my search, Peter Diamandis a phenomenal content creator/futurist had an article on the LAST page. Google failed to rank it higher yet, and so I thought I'd share it here.

The Spatial Web - Part 1
Over the next 2 to 5 years, the world around us is about to light up with layer upon layer of rich and dynamic data that you can see and interact with. This magical future ahead is called the Spatial Web and will transform every aspect of our lives, from retail and advertising, to work and education…
The Spatial Web - Part 2
In this second installment of the Web 3.0 series, I’ll be discussing the Spatial Web’s vast implications for news and media, advertising and retail.
Spatial Web & the Future of Work
This blog will look at the Future of Work during the age of Web 3.0… Examining scenarios in which AI, VR and the spatial web converge to transform every element of our career, from training, to execution, to free time.

They are great reads for you, and I hope that by putting it here it will up the articles in the rankings too.

To me it goes beyond the "3D" concept he touches on, as many people are focused on the VR or 3D social networks like Second Life or Metaverse. Ironically I think of it as a 3D Internet web. Think of Web 1.0 the first search engines and websites creating the simple pages. Social networks came in and made them all link together, and started forming aggregations in Web 2.0! In Web 3.0 that horizontal plane that social networks created now goes even more global and 3D with those aggregations going literally global with more nations around the world chipping in.

Let alone the ideas being shared across borders, and the rules that social media follow are different than what the new platforms will follow. I don't mean that as in regulation, but more in human interaction levels. I think Peter talks about this fantastically in his articles.

If Web 1.0 is Infancy, 2.0 is Terrible Twos (Toddler Years), then Web 3.0 is Young Childhood

Web 3.0: The Internet’s Third Age - AMPLYFI
AMPLYFI’s CEO Chris Ganje explores Web 3.0, an era where machine based AI accessing the entire web’s data starts making better decisions than humans.

We are going to see the internet mature a bit, and overall get more and more refined. One might think we already are now, i.e. LinkedIn/Indorse, or Pickmybrain , or even just how you approach your personal brand.

However again those are all 2D thinking, and how we approach the 3D way of Internet life is going to be different. It is too early to predict now, even though many people are trying. It is just like how we couldn't foresee Snapchat or Tiktok changing the social media game with Disappearing Stories or Short-form vertical video respectively. As Gary Vee puts it in one of the videos in the beginning of this post, there might be "Sally" out there who comes up with a brand new IP or platform on this new technology.

That platform will evolve to be the Metaverse's Tiktok for example.

What is Web 3.0? The Evolution of the Internet
Web 3.0 is slated to be the new paradigm in web interaction and will mark a fundamental change in how developers create websites, -AMAZONPOLLY-ONLYWORDS-START- You have probably heard the term “web 3.0” floating around the internet. Simply put, web 3.0 is the new phase of the internet’s evolution. T…
Web 3.0 | The Future Today Institute
The Future Today Institute helps leaders and their organizations prepare for complex futures.

I have followed this creator for years, and his post on the subject I find to be quite helpful:

Web 3.0 Features: A Decentralized and Open Internet | Gemini
A look at how Web 3.0 will create an improved, decentralized, secure, and open internet through the use of blockchain technology and advanced AI.
What is Web3? The Decentralized Internet of the Future Explained
If you’re reading this then you are a participant in the modern web. The web we are experiencing today is much different than what it was just 10 years ago. How has the web evolved, and more importantly – where is it going next? Also, why do any of these

I think Web 3.0 is a great way to envision the next version of the internet. We are approaching the late child years and intro to teenage years of the interwebs. Content is maturing, especially as creators, as we can't just "create" anymore. We need repurposing, remixing, and unique creating. Gotta step up your game, and by doing so you can plant your flag on the new beach front property of the web.

Additional Videos and Resources:

I can't speak on this channel's content, as I only saw one video. However after scanning through their videos it seems they have a lot of interesting videos related to all this. (Link in image description)

Aurory, The RPG Game Being Built On The Solana Blockchain
Aurory isn’t another new fad GameFi project. Since April, they have publicly tweeted and promoted themselves, have already closed an NFT… | The Simplest Way to Blockchain
A universal Blockchain platform for developers, a secure cryptocurrency for beginners and experts, and a full suite of products and Blockchain funding opportunities.
Uptrennd — The New Social Media Platform Taking Crypto by a Storm
The crypto space as a whole is reinventing the very world as we know it. The growing movement is bringing technological advances in almost…
Myriad: The Next Generation Social Network
Octopus Network Showcase Day 2021
List of Top 9 Blockchain Powerd Social Media Platforms.
The main problem with today’s social media sites is the privacy they all use your details to sell product or services, but blockchain-based social media platforms do not use your details.
A decentralized social news aggregator built on the Internet Computer
Dfinity Opens Platform to Outside Developers, Launches Decentralized TikTok Rival
Decentralized cloud computing startup Dfinity said its “Internet Computer” is now open to third-party developers.

Video Explaining Dapps or "Decentralized Apps"

Gaming Platform OP Games Raises $8.6m To Bridge Game Developers To Web 3.0
OP Games, a startup that enables game developers to monetize their work using Web 3.0, raised $8.6 million of seed funding.
Adapt or die: Venture capital vs. crypto, blockchain, DAOs and Web 3.0
Web 3.0 will enable innovative ways for people to pool capital that goes way beyond the rigid structures of the current venture capital landscape.

The Rise of the "Omniverse"

Omnisphere: Technological Solutions Beyond Web 3.0 and Blockchain
/PRNewswire/ -- In a world that is quickly moving towards Artificial intelligence and decentralization, it is no doubt that web 3.0 and blockchain technology...
Decentralized Creative Communities
Crea is the platform for the creation of hypermedia apps based on the blockchain that rewards creatives and curators of digital content.
Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Web 3.0
This once-new technology initially made people nervous, but now virtually all businesses are reliant upon it, and it’s set to become even more crucial to the way companies function.

This Section is Separated, as they are interesting Videos, but I am unsure how well they fit the scope of this article.

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