Supra/Yearly - Review + Planning

Supra/Yearly - Review + Planning

The Yearly Manifesto

Taking into accoutn and entire years worth of information can seem daunting at first. However when you break it down, and use a template each year. Then it becomes much more manageable.

The point of the review is to see what you did and didn't get done, what new or unexpected things occurred (quarantine), and what all did you learn from the year.

When you have all that, then it is best used towards planning your next year. I wonder if down the line I'll add decade versions of these as well. The next step is to divide into the quarters, and maybe even months, the tasks, goals, and projects you are aiming at.

Note: This page and section will be updated the more the PIOS template fills out, and feedback is implemented!

POST | Yearly Reflective Review

It is very important to look back fondly, and appreciate the year that you had. All of the actions you took. The level of understanding you now have because of those experiences.

This would be a good time to go into your Networking Base, and catch up with people you met over the year!

From the conversations you had, the content you created (even if it is just a personal journal), and the amazing things you learned over the course of the year.

PRE | Planning Manifestation for Future

I am not much of a Law of Attraction kind of person, but this is where you will put your intention to the universe if you will. Manifest your items that you aim for in the next year, and even if you are more of a literal kind of person.

This is the point where you put down your SMART goals, the ideas, organize goals/projects, and put them down on "paper" to achieve.

People often over estimate what they can do in a year, but underestimate what they can do in a decade.

Always keep that in mind.

PolyInnovation Levels of Abstraction:

This is the first layer of the PIOS, and focuses on reviewing the previous year. Learning from the mistakes/wins, and seeing what still is leftover to be done. The second part is around previewing the next year. Planning what needs to be done, and tracking the goals throughout. Learn more about the system here:

PolyInnovator | Personal PolyInnovation System
The PIOS, or PolyInnovation Operating System, is a multi-faceted approach to life and lifelong learning. Creating a plan on all the layers of abstraction to your life, and cultivating INPUT as well as OUTPUT.

Knowing Your Personal, Seasonal, Circadian, and Climate Cycles

For example I live in a digital world, and I can't help that I spend most of my days at a computer. It is where I learn, create, connect, game, and thrive. However I do spend plenty of time with real people to balance it out too.

⚠️ Note: Each person experiences different effects based off of the weather or season, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or calming rainy days, etc.

One should plan their year ahead based off of how they have felt in those seasons over their life, and particularly over the previous (more recent) year.

Point being is that some weeks I am more of a creative, others I want to voraciously learn, and other weeks still just relax and play video games. The latter is a bit more rare, and I need to rest more often. A fault I know about myself, that allows me to plan around that, and increase my number of relax weeks than I think that I should have. I know that I will not be relaxing ENOUGH, so I can compensate by adding more.

Same goes for knowing my cycles, if I can tell that towards the end of the year I burnout easily, or that I will get eager to create even more. A double whammy, then I can prepare throughout the year to make a system that will take some of the load off of me, and plan ahead.

Seasonal and Climate

Temperature is so very important, and depending on the weather (which changes rapidly where I am from); Then you could be in for a wild ride, that you can't plan around. At least to a degree.

I live in a place where we get all four seasons, but they like to mix and have Summer in the middle of Winter, and have Winter's cold in the middle of Summer. It is crazy, and if it gets cloudy some day. Then don't expect me to be productive, as I can't stand those kinds of days (some people love them, and that is my point).

Know what sort of days you prefer, and so you can have options and plans for days that are going to be slower, and days that may end up going more productive than you anticipated. You don't want to lose that momentum, so if one of those days randomly happens make sure you have things on the backburner to get done.

Circadian Rythyms and Sleep

This goes along with that rest idea, where you need to make sure your body is getting enough time to heal. I always say with exercise you gotta spend energy to get energy, and in this case you literally have to spend time to get your energy.

You can't skip this, as much as you may want to. Mind you I stayed up to 3AM last night working on the PIOS scale once again. However it got me to create all of these pages today. Sometimes burning the midnight oil is a good night, but I did take a big nap yesterday and had caffeine...

Learn what your sleep chronotype is, even if the research isn't all there yet, the concept is still helpful for you to identify how much sleep you really need.

I would also incorporate meditation and naps to aid your big sleep times.

How does this all fit?

You might be asking why are talking about sleep or seasons in the yearly Supra page? Well the consistency of your sleep is a big picture thing, one night or one week isn't enough data to know. It isn't until you get to the months, quarters, and years where you start to see how it all comes through.

Have a sleep tracker is quite helpful too. Data over time.

Skip the whole new year's resolutions, they don't work. Build out your PIOS, and plan the next year ahead!


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