Nano/Daily - Input + Output Flow

Nano/Daily - Input + Output Flow

Originally this was in the Meso/Monthly level, but I realized that I ended up using these databases on a daily basis anyways.

This is where I get my work done, and my learning done.

Creating views to make it easier to access, and these are also something I would put on the dashboard. Perhaps by default (which you can always change to your liking). That way you don't have to click 3 times to get to where you need to go. It is the reason why I made a quick menu on my dash.

This level is broken up into two, then two, which are Input and Output. Both of those have a public and private aspect.

The input are the Modegree and Resonance Inbox. Your learning should be shared with others, such as on LinkedIn so that you can prove that you know that knowledge. However the inbox is more like an advanced bookmark list or getpocket aggrgator. Allowing you to save articles, and organize in a much deeper way.

The ouput are the personal branding, which is your content production, and you sharing what you have learned with the world.

The other is a sort of journaling, for it could be Bullet Journal, or even Zettlekasten. It doesn't quite matter, and some people may choose to do this in Roam or Obsidian just for the information linking.

PolyInnovation Levels of Abstraction:

This is the fifth layer of the PIOS, and focuses on the learning or input of your life, as well as the output such as content creation or personal journals. Learn more about the system here:

PolyInnovator | Personal PolyInnovation System
The PIOS, or PolyInnovation Operating System, is a multi-faceted approach to life and lifelong learning. Creating a plan on all the layers of abstraction to your life, and cultivating INPUT as well as OUTPUT.


Taking in new information is key for neuroplasticity, and continued growth. We are learning beings by nature, and that does not just stop at childhood. People often stop learning nearly as much once they leave school, and that can dramatically increase your chances for Alzheimers and Dementia.

Not to mention impairing you from success, by not teaching yourself new skills that will help you across your life.

The Modular Degree

A self-education endeavor I created to be my Do It Yourself degree system. It is a framework to organize all of your learning modalities. From the courses you take, to the books and pocasts you read/listen.

By organizing it then you can sort based on topic, get a holistic approach, and interleave various informations together like a thread. To increase your overall understanding, and continue your learning over time.

It also allows for transcontextual thinking, and inspires polymathy into people by giving you choice in the skill tree-like learning experience. Inducing great ideas to come forth, and you can then turn that into OUTPUT content. Proving your knowledge.

Your Resonance Inbox

A giant list, but it is more than that. With the Notion web clipper you can save each page you like into a database. That scrapes the text for you, so you never lose that article (which I have in the past with basic bookmarks), and you can tag/organize each item much more effectively.

Let's say you only want to focus on this topic this month, or you want to create a content series based around this topic. Then you can sort the database/list into just that one topic, and then do a sprint that way.

Additionally, you get a far more manageable system than web browser bookmarks, or getpocket gives you.


What you do with your input is important, and how you use it can also show the world what you know.

Even if you are just journaling to yourself, there is a massive boost in retention by doing so. I often encourage people to make content out there in the world. Who knows if the thing you are looking up has much information covering it? Even still if it does, who is to say that the way YOU explain it isn't better than everyone else?

Never underestimate the power of transconfiguration, by taking what YOU learned, and explaining it in YOUR way.

Content Creating

Look I am thinking the person reading this isn't much of a creator yet, but if you are then increase your output! If not then start small, pick one platform/content type. I.e. Blog/written, Video/Youtube, audio/podcast, and stick to that for a while. Whatever makes you least uncomfortable, and you can get better at getting out of your comfort zone over time. I struggled with videos when I first started, and now I love them. is a blockchain based blog site, and so you could get ahead of web3 that way. Not to mention most people don't know about it yet, so you could hide your content on there for a while until you are ready to show the world. Just start creating, and building that habit.

Journaling and Self-Reflection

This can be public or private, doesn't really matter, as my Fireside Codex is like my public Journal. However most people will keep a bullet journal in their notion or physical book.

That is a great way to write down your ideas, daily meditations, and occurences.

Take what you have learned, and DO something with it!


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