From Polymath of Innovation to Global Innovator

TL:DR | Why did PolyInnovator come to be, if your goal is to be a Global Innovator? PolyInnovator is a niched polymath, and so what does that mean?

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From Polymath of Innovation to Global Innovator

I think it is wise to start with my dream. Something I really don't discuss publicly, as when you tell people. More than likely it gets squashed.

However this feels like one of those times, where putting it out in the world is important!

I dream to create an oceanic seastead smart city, that houses the greatest polymaths and innovators of the world. Leading the globe as capital of a united planet.

What is a "Niched-Polymath"?

PolyInnovator started as this idea that in order to be the person I needed to be in order to accomplish that dream. I needed the expertise in many areas, that only a polymath could achieve.

I created the Multidisciplinary Spectrum to help people level up towards polymathy; By giving them a scale to figure out where they situate on the spectrum. There is one term however that is a bit confusing to some, and that is the niched-polymath.

You see a polymath is an expert in 3 or more areas, and oftentimes they are disparate fields. Meaning science, trades, arts, or philosophy, etc. You could think of a creative polymath, where someone is polymathic but only with the arts. I.e. paint, sculpting, and digital graphics or something. A scientific niched-polymath, who is multi-skilled, but solely in science fields. I.e. physics, chemistry, and biology. Still in both cases very wide ranging, but they are grouped together.

Whereas a polymath by a more default definition, is 3 or more areas of ANY kind. Meaning expert in painting, physics, and video game design just for one example. Three completely different fields. PolyInnovator is the name and term I made for myself to describe the niched polymath I want to become.

Why Innovation as the Calling Card?

My goal isn't just to become an expert in the chosen subjects, but to aim to innovate IN those fields.

Sure everyone wants to do that, and I'm not special because I want to be innovative. The reason why I'm different is that I'm going into it with the goal in mind to be innovative in those 3 or more areas in particular. Then hopefully find the synergy between them as well.

The three fields I chose in my younger years, that I think still ring true are: Global social entrepreneurship, sustainability and smart cities, and one that is actually more recent. That being knowledge management for polymathic people. As I see that as a base to achieve one's goals. Especially if there are many.

Polymathy is Inherently Innovative

When someone in the polymathy world hears "PolyInnovator" for the first time. They usually either think it is really cool, sort of a new term for a new age, or they think "but polymaths are already innovative?".

Yes, while that is true, the reason I focused on the innovator side of things. Is that I'm not becoming an expert in those fields purely for knowledge in those fields, such as what most polymaths would do. I'm doing it for other reasons as well, and in particular to innovate in those fields like never before.

Becoming a Global Innovator

I don't know when this will happen. I don't even know if I am preparing/learning ENOUGH at this point in my life. The Modular Degree was created, so that I could create a unique education for this goal.

Other people who are polymathic as well could now create their own Modegrees. This is the first step in me innovating education on a grand scale.

From there I work on maybe smart cities, or perhaps something on an international scale. I don't know yet, but whatever it is... PolyInnovator will be ready!

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