Omni-Directional Personal Branding

TL:DR | Your online presence is more than just your face, it is your face across a multitude of mediums and platforms. How you manage that is up to you, but here is some useful tips!

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Omni-Directional Personal Branding

Reaching even greater heights than our forefathers, that is what everyone wants right? The Vine influencers reached a new level of famous, that wasn't ever present before the platform. Then it was the YouTubers, the Podcasters, the Tiktokers, and more.

We have all of this amazing bountiful opportunity ahead of us, but how do we make the most of it?

In my humble opinion most creators aren't doing nearly what they are actually capable of. Now part of that philosophy has splintered off of course from Gary Vee! haha However the premise of this post is based off of my own observations. I came to the same conclusion as him.

Mastering Platforms

Now while I may not have been the super early bird on all platforms (like Gary), there have been times that I was early before the flock. I made my Facebook account in 09, my original twitter in 2010/11, Snapchat around the same time actually, I was making videos on Vine back in the early days (didn't know what I was doing though, and I'll get to that), early to Instagram/Pinterest/and more.

I'm even on Mastodon,,, Odysee, and more. Which you may not even have heard of those blockchain based social networks.

That is great and all Dustin, but stop bragging. My intention was to prove the point that by being early on the platforms you get to watch the waves of change. I joined Musically way back in like 2018, and I was able to ride the multiple waves of Tiktok as it grew. I now have over 1600 videos on the platform alone.

Each place is a tool of communication to people. Each platform has it's own medium of content, sometimes multiple, and you have to learn how to create content in that format. At the very least repurpose your pillar content into that specialized microcontent.

One platform alone is tough, doing all of them however? Nearly impossible on your own.... right?

Mastering Content

Every piece of content is YOUR art. It is a piece of art of some kind, and if you half-ass it then it is going to come across as such. Sometimes those posts go viral, but is that really what you want people to recognize you as?

Each medium whether it is written, audio, or video, they all have the same formula. Hook, line, sinker, if you will. The hook draws them in, the line is the meat where the fish is, and the sinker is the closer. The call to action at the end for something more. Like this post has a link to one of my favorite mega-posts at the end, to help you on your omnichannel creator journey.

If you find what you are good at, then it is pretty simple as to how to repurpose it into other formats. I strongly believe in the trifecta:

Podcasts to Video + Transcript

Videos to cut Audio + Transcript

Blog posts to Video and Audio (i.e.

Personally I manually make my video after the blog post, as it works best for me to make the best content I can. However I don't have a single "MAIN" pillar, as I like all three. The written journey is the longest for me, but I also love being on camera. lol

Sharing it in an Octopus-like way

You have to stop thinking of funnels, and start thinking like an octopus reaching into multiple cookie jars at the same time.

It is a change in the frame of mind, and once it clicks then things start to snowball.

Hence the PolyInContent moniker, the Polymathy in Content, or in my case the PolyInnovator Content. Either way it is about multiple approaches, and seeing things from multiple angles.

Between content repurposing, syndication, and curation, it isn't as hard as you might think! ;)

To take this lesson farther I suggest you check out this amazing post:

How to Go OmniChannel with Content | PolyInnovator
The definitive post on creating omnichannel content as a content creator or influencer. Maximize your reach 10X, and go global!

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