PI Forward #5 - Learning in Modular Degree

TL:DR | I haven't given an update on my own learning for a while, and that subject/topic was the original thing I created PolyInnovator for. Thus this post is an update for that series if you will.

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PI Forward #5 - Learning in Modular Degree

Twofold: The Teacher and the Student. I am a student of life, and will pursue lifelong learning for as long as I breath. However I know that I am a teacher at heart, that impacts my learning by giving it more meaning. From Self-Education as a topic, to the Modular Degree. As well as their respective courses, Plans for polycourses. What platforms are considered.

What is the Modular Degree?

It is a do it yourself education framework, and that is a loaded description. In an easy explanation, it is a tool to make your own edu pathway.

I got tired of all of the complicated degrees that didn't even lead to an outcome. You'd get a piece of paper, and nothing from it. No job, barely a network, etc.

With a Modular Degree you can choose what goes into it, so if you need to focus on networking. Then the "conversations" part of the Modegree comes more in handy. If you need to learn quickly, then focusing on more sprints/boot camp-like format. If you are wanting something to organize a more lifelong learning approach, then you can.

Why is Self-Education important?

Most people stop trying to learn after they leave college. While I do think people deserve some reprieve after going through that. It shouldn't last a long time, as our brains need stimuli to stay healthy.

Continuing to learn is a fundamental part of the human experience.

Through autodidactism or self education, you are able to pursue what you want to learn... WHEN YOU want to learn it.

How does it work?

Currently I just have released the Modegree template for use with notion.so! However I do plan on making alternative methods, such as Obsidian or Airtable available for people to download too.

Eventually, I will help design a platform for people to use, and it will be the most powerful learning management system out there.

What have I been learning?

The most recent subject I'd say that I've been learning more and more often is knowledge management. The same skill I used to MAKE the Modular Degree in the first place. Although there are tons of more tools out there now for it.

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