PI Forward #8 - Videos

TL:DR | Videos are the communication tool of the century, and with the evolution of the internet there is no reason not to have some sort of video. After getting past the nervous stages of being on film, I can share with you all the intricacies of the PolyInnovator brand.

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PI Forward #8 - Videos

The Future of This Channel

Inspired by this video by Linus Tech Tips where they just explore the future literally in the building they bought, but also just in concept too.

I feel like maybe I need to make a video myself, which we will see by the end of this blog whether or not I do that.

What was TeleInnovator before?

Over the years I've spent making videos I feel that my series haven't been THAT complicated. However I also can't expect people to keep up with everything that I put out there.

Especially when my channel is naturally diverse in content anyways.

It all started with the diy education of the Modular Degree, and documenting my own journey. Then expanding to help others create their own. From there I started doing more polymathy videos through the PolyInContent series, and doing interviews. However it never really changed much from there. Some reviews here and there, and then I got rid of the PolyInContent Series. However that is about it.

Why the Focus on Innovation and Polymathy?

PolyInnovator, or Polymath of Innovation, is the main key framing of my personal brand. I wanted to innovate various fields, obviously, and trying to aim myself towards innovation. The idea was that if I aimed towards innovation, then I'd be a bit quicker to accomplish it?

Polymathy as a subject also became something I grew passionate about. Sparking form my hero Leonardo Da Vinci, and just overall seeming like something that NEEDED to be talked about more.

Where did the Modular Degree fit into it?

Since my idea was I would just start documenting my journey, then it would be easier to prove that I learned those things. Ironically I stopped after a while, but it got me started making videos.

Being my first "phase" it allowed me to understand how I would frame, plan out time span, and overall set the trajectory of PolyInnovator.

What are Phases?

I see them as the various areas that I want to innovate. I.e. education, gaming, learning how to swim, understanding content repurposing, etc. These are all interests of mine, and are things I know very well. Either from creating content, or prior to it.

Each phase acts like a focus during that time period, and this year I just have a few phases coinciding with each other.

PolyInnovator Gaming

This is a channel I'm really excited about, and is really video centric. While part of the sub-brand IS blogging. The actual main content IS videos. Including the potential for streaming, and turning stream vods into content.

I brought this video content into the fold because I figured if I am already gaming. I might as well turn at least some of it into content. I make quick little clips here and there, but to do long form stuff would be nice. Especially since some of the games I'll play would be pretty well fitting to a live stream type experience.

Gaming creators grow slow, but it does have the potential to grow a lot faster than my main channel. Which could be beneficial in the long run.

Short form Videos (Tiktoks, Shorts, Reels, Pinterest?)

Since I started using Opus Clip to make my shorts, there are now 1300 clips from the PolyCast interviews needing to go out. Meaning I have enough shorts content to last me until next spring, and even after if I tone down the amount.

I also have tons and tons of gaming clips to pull from as well.

I've already seen a massive jump in views and watch time on both my main channel, and gaming channel (way bigger on this one). Which is really exciting, as when I start getting more consistent with video outputs there, it will work together.

The Future of TeleInnovator

I'm going to keep going down this YouTuber rabbit hole, and I think it is quite a huge part of the future of the ecosystem as a whole.

They always say that being a creator means being a video creator especially. Video makes up most of the internet traffic, and I can definitely see why.

Let's hope to keep the momentum going!

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