What is PolyInnovator's Niche?

TL:DR | As a creator we are told to "niche down" or else you'll fail. That isn't true, and I am here to pave the way to show you that it isn't!

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What is PolyInnovator's Niche?

Look I don't have just one, but if you want me to "narrow it down". The meta-niche if you will, is that of Polymathy. The person who is deeply skill in 3 or more areas, with a wide range of knowledge and learning.

That is my umbrella topic across the board, and all of my sub-niches will reflect back on that. For example the Modular Degree, my first phase and subniche, is often looked at as a polymathic education system. I made it for many reasons, but one crucial big one, is to have an education framework for generalists.

Another sub-niche is my Polymath Exercise, which takes a multidisciplinary approach to the physical development.

Even my upcoming gaming sub-niche is that of a variety streamer, which means I don't subscribe to having only one game or even genre.

Phases, Sub-niches, TomAto-Tomato

I don't subscribe to the notion in content creators of "niche down, niche down". When you're multidisciplinary then you should show that to the world. You shouldn't be forced into one viewable skill, and finding ways to spread your content ecosystem should be encouraged. Not frowned upon.

Sure you'll take a hit to search optimization, sometimes, but you'll be more true to yourself. That is what matters far more.

I created a system I call phases, which both phases of content, as well as in my overall life. They intersect for me personally, however for some people they may not. I do encourage you to make content though about what you're interested in, so maybe you might've originally thought you wouldn't make content on that. Then you changed your mind.

With my main topic being polymathy and being multidisciplinary, then the sub-niches are my focus for a period of time. They are what I will be creating content around mainly during a body of time. Say a year or something like that, and the first phase has been a handful of years. Although that is more because of time management issues, and a strong creative block when it came to the Notion Templates for a while.

A List of Phases

I thought it would be a good idea for me to list out my phases for people to understand my subniches. I have done this before, but it has been a while.

  1. Modular Degree
     1.5 PolyCast Interviews
  2. Polymath Exercise: How to Swim (The swimming phase)
  3. PolyInnovator Gaming - PolyInGaming (idk perhaps the Generalist Gamer)
  4. The PolyInContent Model - Content Repurposing phase
  5. PolyInMusic - PolyInnovator Music

And beyond!

These are just a few that I have planned out, and have already planted the seeds for future ones. When I was still doing interviews I started making blog posts for swimming, and after I started the exercise phase I started trying out streaming. Started making more gaming clips, and experimenting with that kind of content. I also felt that the opportunity of me creating a content repurposing newsletter NOW, was better than waiting. This is because a lot of the tools that are growing in this space are in a state of hypergrowth it seems, or about to be. I wanted to make reviews before that hits.

Interleaving and the 80/20 Rule

It is bound to be a mixture no matter what, but I try to keep in mind that 80% of my focus should be on the current phase. Then 10% each goes to previous and future endeavors.

It was weird because when I started phase 2 I was still wrapping up the interviews, and trying to wrap up phase 1. Keep in mind phases don't END, but rather complete the main project or goal, then down the line will circle back to them when the time is best.

The more phases I have, then the more I'll have to juggle, but I am getting better and better at it.

Don't Expect just ONE Thing

I mean come on, my brand is about being multidisciplinary, it would be counter intuitive to just create content on one niche. If not downright hypocritical.

I made the mistake of starting a new phase too soon, without "finishing" the first one. An argument can be made that no phase is ever "finished", but now isn't the time. That new phase I mentioned was that of my interviews on the PolyCast, as I started doing them as my main focus over quarantine. When I probably should have wrapped up the Modegree template, and released the tutorials/content around it back then FIRST.

However it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up, and without getting too far into my phase 2 around Swimming. I am now wrapping things up on that. It will then go on the back burner, as it needs to develop over time. Between the beta testers, and the platform being developed in the backend. There needs to be time to cook up if you will.

Allowing me to focus on swimming, and getting the book out. As well as, getting the phase of PolyInnovator Gaming started. It is something that goes alongside my main content ecosystem, so I don't feel that it is distracting. Plus swimming and gaming are two areas I know so well, that they won't really compete when it comes to my creative energies.

Look forward to a spectacular year in 2023!

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