PI Forward #2 - Courses

TL:DR | In this "Looking FORWARD" series, I want to share my plans for creating courses for PolyInnovator. I've spent a lot of time exploring learning management systems but faced a mental block because I needed one for my existing courses and the Modular Degree.

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PI Forward #2 - Courses

Following this looking FORWARD series. I wanted to take some time today to share my plans, and experiences, at making courses for PolyInnovator.

It is rather more expansive than what you might think!

I've spent an egregious amount of time looking into learning management systems. I think I was also sort of blocked mentally. That being because I was looking for an LMS for my CURRENT courses that I wanted to make, but also one for the Modular Degree. Something I could use and/or model after. However after obviously not finding one for the Modegree, it lead me to not choosing any.

My Current Set on Pensight

Right now I think the only public one is the Self-Education mini course, which I'm pretty proud of. It is "mini" but not that much so, as it is quite dense still.


I made it as a free intro course into making your own Modular Degree series of courses. With the ideally upcoming course around making your own Modegree.

Another that I have worked on quite a bit is an intro course to swimming.

I actually have a ton planned

Why would I share these ahead of time you might ask? Well that is the point of this mini series after all, but also because it does lay down a bit of accountability to hopefully make me work on them.

My goal right now is to actually work on the book for swimming, and the course can take a backseat. Although I may finish that beginners course around the time of the book.

I really have a lot of knowledge I want to share and teach!

Courses are part of the "Projects" object going forward.

I am speaking in terms of how capacities.io refers to things in the tool. Each thing you add is an "object", and you define how it works. For example I have my content "object", which is separated into collections for videos, blogs, etc.

The projects "object" is what I refer to as the bigger endeavors. I.e. books, keynotes, courses, websites, etc.

This will help me focus on working on one at a time, so that I can get it done more effectively. I want to keep writing in my book right now, and so that is the project of choice. Then I can work on some courses.


Note: I'm not sure if I want to stay on Pensight as well, it isn't the greatest tool out there. Although I've had good luck with it so far, and the founder is really helpful. Just I wonder if a different CMS will work better with my website.

Regardless of what tool I choose, I plan on moving all my courses with me, and I did that when I moved off of wordpress for example already.

I really think I just need to get around to building my own platform for the Modular Degree framework, and make my courses there.

From Self-Education, and skill tree based learning, to sustainability and innovation. There is a course here, or will be here, for everyone.

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