The PolyInnovator LinkyBrain

TL:DR | What is a LinkyBrain, and why is it important to me? Important to the world?

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The PolyInnovator LinkyBrain

A concept coined by Alex Dunsdon, which is for the kind of people who make connections. They see the links between different things, and different areas of knowledge. You could think of them as polymathic or multi-passionate, but it is a bit different.

From my understanding it is just an inherent state of being.

The LinkyBrain is a state of seeing connections.

The multipassionate is the state of being curious/passionate about many things.

Being polymathic is something that happens to both of the aforementioned people, after time has past to cement the impact of those states of being.

My Linky Brain. Why Did Nobody Tell Me?
I’ve been on a decade long journey of trying to understand me. How I ‘think’ has been the most important bit.

I had the pleasure to interview Alex on the PolyCast a little while back, and he was an absolute blast to talk to. I got into Flow almost instantly when talking with him, that I even forgot to keep track of time as the host! lol

The Linky-Brain of a Polymath with Alex Dunsdon - The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller
Today we are talking with Alex Dunsdon, venture capitalist at SAATCHINVEST, modern day philosopher, and a Polymathic Linkybrain! We are here to talk about polymathic linkybrains, serendipity, and overall a discussion of Alex’s very interesting life! Warning, some cursing in this episode. :) TIMES…

Why are LinkyBrains important?

We are the people that can bring other people together. Think of the "superconnectors" of the world, the polymaths, and the "scanners". More than likely most of those types of people in the world ARE LinkyBrains, and perhaps vice versa. I don't think there is a cause and effect sort of situation going on, but for sure a correlation between them.

These types of people ^ are the innovators, and are the ones who will #makeachange in the world.

My ‘LinkyBrain’
My good friend Doug Scott and others have started an accidental movement around LinkyBrains. It seems to be getting out of hand and…

How can you tell if you are one?

It isn't some exclusive club per se, and there is an organization linked below to connect the liked minded linkybrains. However like I said before it is something that happens in your brain without trying.

It is a matter of fact, and not so much a state to achieve. I do think though that there is a lot to be learned from Linkybrains, and people who may not naturally see the connections can learn to see them to a degree.

You can almost think of it as an additional "sense". I actually got in trouble for it growing up, as in my workplace I started seeing these repeated patterns. Then I tried to act on those, and try to change the outcome to something more positive. Instead of be celebrated for avoiding critical errors in the team dynamics, operations, and more. I ended up getting scolded, and treated poorly.

What are the indicators of a linky brain?
Answer (1 of 3): Everyone is talking about #LinkyBrains - A few Signals indicating you may have a LinkyBrain 1. Extended or Semi permanent Adolescence 2. Not Giving A Crap 3. High Creative Output 4. Own Boss - as insubordination can be so much better than subordination - kinda not employable...

What makes me a LinkyBrain?

Here are a handful of traits that I believe signify my L.B.ness!

  1. I find the connections between different modalities and knowledge areas.
  2. I'm a multipassionate being, perhaps omnipassionate??, as I care about all aspects of life. From the mundane to the existential.
  3. I truly believe that one day I'll be a CEO of an international company driven to innovate technology and ideology.
  4. At the base of that company would a city seastead to lead the world in solving its problems.
  5. As a multidisciplinarian I am helping others like me find out more about who they are.
  6. I see content as a connective tissue to who I was, who I am, and who I will be. Which is why I create so much of it.

I guess you can say I am a Linkybrain Multidisciplinarian!

Linkybrains – home of LinkyBrains everywhere
Are you a LinkyBrain?
If like me, you spend a lot of time on LinkedIn and Quora, you may have come across the term LinkyBrain. The phrase was only coined last week, but it’s already become a bit of a phenomenon.
The View Inside Me · The World Changing Blog by Marc Winn
The World Changing Blog by Marc Winn

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