PI Forward #4 - Writing

TL:DR | The original source of sharing knowledge beyond speaking is still one of the best ways to this day. I have been doing it for about a decade now. Talking about the blogging, newsletters, and books and beyond from PolyInnovator!

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PI Forward #4 - Writing

This one I had no idea what I wanted to write, and then it came to me. I've been a writer all of my adult life. I've been doing it since I was a teenager, around 2012ish, and while I wasn't consistent for most of that time. The skill stayed on.

Since then I've only grown tenfold into this writing ability. I'm no novelist for sure, but maybe one day I will be! I current hold over 500 blog posts under my belt. Not really counting social blogs, and some things I've written on other sites. However 500 on one site alone is immense!

A little meta!

The Rise of the OMNI-Blog

This post just flowed out of me, and that is a perfect example of my writing. Most of the PolyPRO posts were written that way for example.

What's with the Omni? That stands "all" just like how "poly" stands for "much" or "many", and I found I was using poly too much in my branding. Plus Omni meaning all topics was a good idea, as I don't have one or even just a few topics. Rather I write about anything and everything, and try to write things that didn't exist before. Either topics people haven't touched, or completely new ideas like with the United Living Construct or Modular Degree.

I've been toying with the idea of writing posts about dating, and I'm not sure why I haven't yet. Though it would be pretty left field for even me!

There are tons of topics on here, and a handful of newsletters as well. I don't truly follow traditional blog rules either, and I created the Fireside Codex as a public journal if you will. That is also within the OmniBlog, as it houses ALL.

My Future Books

I've written some truly massive blog posts, thousands of words in one post alone, and while I'm not quite sure what my longest post was/will be. This does lead to the question what if I kept writing?

What if I didn't stop a regular blog post length, or PolyPRO/Blockbuster length? What if I kept writing until I had a book?

Well I do have a book I am currently working on, that being the:

"How to Swim: The Hydrodynamics and Philosophy of Swimming"

This is a topic I am quite passionate about, and I'm honestly frustrated that it has taken me this long to write (about half a decade). It isn't because of motivation or really even knowledge of what I need to put in it, but just pure procrastination. I guess that is a form of writers block in a way.

Regardless, I WILL get it out in the world. It is going to be part of my legacy I just know it. Perhaps the rest of my blog will be as well, and hopefully viewed as fondly as Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks.

I went from NO Newsletters to Five

There was a short time on my wordpress version of this site where I started the Polymathy blog. However it was more of an email marketing thing, rather than a useful newsletter in my opinion.

For years I wanted to make a polymathy newsletter on HERE, but never could figure out how I wanted to do it. In fact it started on the now DEAD Revue site from Twitter. I modified it greatly, and started it up this year.

Although prior to what I would consider my main newsletter to be, there were two that came before:

  • Mr. Dustin's Swim Academy
  • The PolyInContent Digest

Then came the:

Now I will be adding:

Meaning I went from not having any newsletters to have multiple simultaneously, and it has been great. I haven't had much issues with consistency with them ironically. Sometimes I post a day late, and in Sept this year I had to stop while I was sick. Other than those two occurrences, for the most part I do it every week.

What's gonna happen next!?

In each and every post in this PI Forward series , I get more and more excited to write about it. I get to share with you my experience, and more importantly what is to come!

This post, and just like the next. It comes from the heart and mind, joined together in creativity.

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