PI Forward #6 -Gaming/Streaming

TL:DR | Gaming has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I held off of sharing it, as I felt that it may hinder the more professional side. However I realized that to be 100% open with all of you, I would need to share this major side too! :)

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PI Forward #6 -Gaming/Streaming

Talking about the Twitch Channel, various gaming experiences/stories, possibility of new YT channel, and that of the skyrim/fallout modding.

Gaming has always been a deep part of my life, and while I was hesitant to add it to my content ecosystem. As I didn't want the thing I did to decompress to be hindered. It seems to fit quite well!

PolyInnovator Gaming
A generalist/polymath approach to video game playing!

Gaming Content

There are a lot of paths for me to go down as a gaming creator. I've almost thought maybe I should put my main content on hold so I could build up my gaming channel more. That is how much faith I have in this arm of the PolyInContent Ecosystem.

Not only is it a deep part of my life, but I have spent much of my life playing a variety of genres, consoles, games, and taken many sides.

Through that I have learned a lot, experienced a lot, and it gives me a unique perspective. I've also watched a ton of DIFFERENT types of gaming channels, and I feel that I can make a unique channel compared to the rest.

Gaming is a niche that would grow a ton more faster, and that is why I really wanted to pursue this path. I have the skills of an advanced youtuber or creator, but I'm stuck in a small-time creator role at this point.

Streaming Content

While creating content I'm good at, conversely streaming is still something that eludes me a bit.

It is a skill that I still don't have a lot of experience doing. Keeping the chat engaged, multi-tasking in that way, and overall making an entertaining stream. I feel that the skills needed for that type of performance I have gotten from running classes or doing karaoke. I just need to figure out the flow of how I would do it.

I feel that making gaming videos is good, but to stream myself would be great. Given that it gives another layer to the content.

A Future Phase-vos

Most people probably won't get the reference ^, so I'll be happy to explain. I call my different niche topics "phases", as they come and go in phases. Now a phase can coincide with another, or they could replace the previous one. I was hoping to focus on the gaming phase this year, but alas it had to be put on the side burner for the future.

The reference is that of my videogame I am trying to develop. At the beginning of the year I started toying with AI generation tools and ChatGPT. I ended up coming up with some fantastic concepts, and wanted to run with it. Phasevos being my own monster capture game series.

Between having to focus on my main phases of the moment, and this random game that came out of nowhere. My focus on gaming dwindled, but it will have a resurgence.

While the future of the PolyInnovator Gaming channel and the Generalist Gamer newsletter is sort of in the air right now. I know that in some capacity I am going to keep it moving.

Perhaps at some point when the swimming book is out, and the PolyTools website is up, then I'll be able to focus on this channel more!

PolyInnovator Gaming
A generalist/polymath approach to video game playing!
PolyInnovator Gaming
This is a spin off from my main channel @DustinMillerPolyInnovator centered around gaming. As someone who is polymathic I found it difficult to decide whether or not I wanted to host it all in one place, or find a different home for gaming content. It was in the best interest of you, the viewer, th…

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