Automatic Podcast and Video Editing Tools

TL:DR | I wanted to make a simple post sharing all of the AI video editor tools for long form content. There didn't seem to be any other post like it online.

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Automatic Podcast and Video Editing Tools

When I do podcast interviews I do a ton of research on my guest, I try to have a truly active conversation, and I try to keep the conversation going after it releases. However one of my BIGGEST pain points as a content creator more than anything, is editing. I can't stand it, and by the time I get done editing a podcast (60-90min) I'm burned out. I wish there was a tool out there to do it for me... Oh there is?

It seems that once again there isn't a concrete list of tools out there. That is where I find my niche I guess! The point of this post today is to share all of the automatic editing tools out there right now.

Let me be clear there are some automatic CLIP editors out there, but most beyond OpusClip. A lot of them are just cutting certain sections, rather than actually doing editing. Meaning this list is more catered towards the longform editing tools.

What do you need from an AI editor?

For the most part do it for you right? I think we are still a ways away from having a tool do all of the editing completely for you. Especially if you have certain styles.

For example a common meta trend now is taking a note from the gaming community. There is a style where you take 3-4 scenes of high action or interesting gameplay, then put it in the front of the video. Capturing the attention right away. I've seen some big podcasters start to do this as well, and I try to in my podcast interviews too.

Doing something like that takes semantic understanding of the video, or reading emotions with machine learning (some gaming tools do that), or at the very least finding it via transcript. All are things that are possible, but just not done yet. Being able to implement that effectively into a tool will take time. For now the basics are cutting ums/uhs, cutting pauses, doing jumpcuts, multicam switching, etc.

A List of AI Editing Tools

This isn't a ranking as I haven't used most of these, and they are simply in order of age or how well they're known. What really frustrates me is that they almost all seem to be made for Premiere Pro, and I personally don't want to spend money on a subscription. Gling can do others though, just the price might get ya!

Besides the last one I don't really have any opinion on any of these. I'm mainly making this as a resource.

Gling AI

Probably one of the more popular ones, and you don't necessarily have to have Premiere to use it. It is its own thing, that you then send the export over to a traditional editor.

Gling AI
AI-powered video editing for YouTubers. We automatically cut out silences and bad takes so you have time for the fun creative stuff.


Specifically for Premiere, and it came out around the same time as Gling. I've heard good things, especially for multicam shows.

AutoPod | Automatic Podcast Editing for Premiere Pro
AutoPod is a set of Adobe Premiere Pro plug-ins that are designed for video podcast and video show editors. Edit multi-camera videos automatically, create social clips, and create jump cuts during silent portions of videos.


Made by the famous YouTuber Ali Abdaal to help automate a lot of his process.

FireCut - Your Lightning-Fast AI Video Editor
FireCut boosts your editing productivity by bringing AI seamlessly into your workflow, and speeding up all the repetitive tasks like cleaning up footage, adding zoom cuts, detecting chapters, and much more.


I saw the demo, which was pretty impressive, one of the more intuitive AI's, but it only works for audio.

Resound: The AI Podcast Editor for Creators
Editing a podcast is too hard and time-consuming. Resound is on a mission to automate podcast editing so you can edit in minutes, not hours.


I don't know much about it. From what it says it seems to do more features, but the website is lacking info.


Recut — Automatic Video Editor
Because nobody’s got time for making hundreds of tedious cuts by hand.


AI AI, CAPTAIN, harnesses artificial intelligence to automate your editing process. Intelligently analyze your footage, make automated editing decisions that cater to your specific requirements; all in one powerful plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro.


Automatic Silence Remover & Animated Captions | Premiere Pro Plugin | AutoCut
AutoCut is a Premiere Pro plugin that uses AI to add animated subtitles, remove silences, edit podcasts, add stock videos, apply zooms, remove repetitions, and more.

Honorable Mention: OpusClip

While it started off as a short form only tool, they are moving into the medium content length field. Which I might add they are the ONLY tool that finds, edits, and captions medium length clips for you.

OpusClip: #1 AI video clipping tool to create viral shorts
Opus Clip turns long videos into high-quality viral clips for you to share on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Reels to increase social media reach.

I encourage you to try out these tools!

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