What Does it Mean to Be a PolyInnovator?

TL:DR | A PolyInnovator is a polymath of innovation, or in another sense a modern equivalent for a polymath. A title or name I am using to document my journey on becoming a Universalist Polymath.

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When deciding who you are going to be in this world; think to yourself what is it that I want to be remembered for?

PolyInnovator may be a word a made up for myself, but you can learn a lot from the concept OF IT.

Following your dream, mastering your time, excelling and many skills, and overall curating the life YOU want to live.

This PolyInContent episode is about the concept of being a PolyInnovator, and even more importantly what that concept means for you too.

Taking Control over your path

It all breaks down to the fundamental illusion of control, as we can never truly control everything. However we can try to market or cater what people think about us through our endeavors.

Even this series itself is a formulaic attempt at maximizing PolyInnovator's reach, and to sow the seeds for all future phases.

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Why do I care about what people remember me for?

We all care to some degree, and it is part of human nature to want to be accepted by our "tribe".

To me the tribe is humanity as a whole, and that includes in a historical context.

What does Poly-Innovator even mean?

"Polymath of Innovation"

Why do I care about innovation so much? It is the process of making a change in a certain field, and that in turn cascades into bigger changes that compound.

We each person creates a minor change, they come together to make waves. These are my attempts to kickstart waves.

When we try to work on something bigger than oursevles, then we add to the experience of humanity as a whole coming together.

How I plan for a Personal Brand to do all of that

Creating an online brand and business is a weird way to pursue your dreams I'll be honest. However it seems like the best choice of action.

haha selling myself on the internet if you will, well more so selling my knowledge.

By creating content it starts the funnel of attention from interesting and engaging people like yourself. Into the flow of the content ecosystem. As you watch my videos or blogs, I gain your trust that I know this topic well (topic of the post).

From there you check out my more paid products like books and courses. Eventually I'll be making even bigger endeavors, such as my video game I am working on, or the Modular Degree platform (free platform, but paid premade templates). Etc.

Additionally, I can do sponsorships or affiliations with products/services I find useful. That I think you would too. Today I don't have one, but I simply want to share a really awesome tool that came out last week:

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What's the point?

I could take that philosophically too... what is the point of anything we do? I find that our actions have some sort of consequences, good or bad, and that makes up all of the events of our lives.

What does your life entail?

If you were on your death bed, and looking back on your life, what would you see?

What are the various events, chapters, and story arcs that make up your existence as a human being? In that grand scheme of things scale we can then decide what those chapters consist of. We retroactively can plan out those chapters ahead of time in the present, and keep track of previous ones in our journey as well.

Those all making up the course of events of life.

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Is it a business? Is it a personal brand? What is a polymath? Why do you do it?? All your questions and more will be answered!

Make the most of your life!

PolyInnovator is my attempt at making the most of my own life, and you don't have to copy my endeavor to do it too. Find the way you can in your own style.

I wanted to curate my life, the vast various skills I employ and learn, the pathway ahead of me, and all the while create a personal brand to share it with the world.

That is the ethos of this site, my personal brand PolyInnovator, and even the concept of a "Polymath of Innovation" itself.

Being a PolyInnovator means embodying the essence of innovation, and innovating various niches.

I hope you take the time today to read this post, watch the video, and explore the rest of this site as well. There are a lot of things you can learn here!

Who am I, and What is a PolyInnovator?
By establishing these systems, creating content, and building my personal brand. I believe I can achieve some great things, and #MAKEACHANGE in the world.


This episode is the first to feature the new intro for 2023! Check it out:

The Intro for the PolyInContent Series

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