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TL:DR | Is it a business? Is it a personal brand? What is a polymath? Why do you do it?? All your questions and more will be answered!

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Here is a video relation to this post, as well as the PolyCast!

In what world do we get to choose what we do in it?

Why do you work the job you do? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Who do you get out of bed for? These are the questions we ask ourselves to progress in life, and make the decisions we would choose.

I chose a path from a young age, that in some shape or form I have always pursued it. It is now just in a different form, the form of the PolyInnovator LLC or Ecosystem.

Or rather it chose me.

This blog post is meant to be a guide into my mindset, as to why I chose to create PolyInnovator LLC and all of the octopus arms of content!

You will get the best strategy for world domination, I mean creating a content media empire, errr I mean creating content online!

The Desire to #Makeachange

The Gandhi quote of "Be the change you wish to see in the world", had always struck a chord with me. Then the line of "We are the world", where they sing:

We can't go on
Pretending day-by-day
That someone, somewhere soon make a change

Waiting on another person to #MAKEACHANGE, when in actuality it has to be you to stand up and make a change.

The deep desire to reach out to a billion people...

Who is to say anyone is important enough in the world to make a change? However, to attain that level of impact you need a high level of excellent work.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit” Aristotle

If we can do more ourselves, build ourselves up, and then reach a wider audience; Then our actions will have a greater and more profound impact on others.

This is the same ethos I held for the United Living Construct, of which was created to be a hub of innovation to make a change in the world.

The reason why you haven't heard of it most likely, is that I had to put it on hold indefinitely until I was a better man. It wasn't that I had failed, but rather I knew that I knew too little. I needed to be more polymathic in my skills, that I needed to learn a ton of more knowledge. As they say knowledge is power after all.

That level of self-humility lead me to creating the first Modular Degree, and as Gary Vee puts it "document over create". Thereby I started documenting my journey with the Modegree.

However I quickly realized the potential of the Modegree for others, and pivoted to focusing more on how others could form their own.

Thus the start of this personal brand endeavor initiated, and that desire to make a change still drives me to this day.

I encourage you to read up more on the Modular Degree:

Modular Degree (DIY degree) | Personal PolyInnovation System
This is a page dedicated to the Modular Degree, an experimental Self-Education endeavor for changing how we approach online education! Get started on your own Modegree today!

How to reach a global audience?

Notice how I said a billion people earlier. Well I'd rather reach everyone, but logically that won't happen. However I do think that even though as huge as a billion is, there is a level of attainability in that.

The main problem is that I think the number is spread across the globe.

Across borders, languages, and even access to internet of all things. The audience I am aiming towards is the polymathic/multidisciplinary of course. Although finding out how someone is multi-skilled is not an easy task. With Modular Degrees the people who are autodidactic and want a chance to work on multiple skills at once. Which colleges/universities want you to specialize, then they will seek ME out for this solution.

If you make it, and they want it, then they will come to you.

Some business acumen proverb or something ^, but it is true with the power of search engines. Not to mention on my end making sure it is all wide reaching. Then it is only a matter of time.

You might ask, well okay how do you do that??

That is a very good question, and from what I found the answer is: content.

The world we live in revolves around content, and the various forms of information we put out on the internet. Everything anyone does produces content, such as the random Meta post your grandmother made, to the in depth documentary on YouTube.

What is needed?

To take a polymathic approach to content creation, as in mastering skills of all content types. Reaching all platforms in some shape, and making a impact on people with the content.

A strategy incorporating all platforms to reach as much people as possible, but with the context of each platform taken into account as well.

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What is PolyInnovator?

I created this as foundation for all of the careers I wanted to have in life, as I knew I wouldn't be able to pick just one. Something I talk about at times is the juggling approach to polymathy, or the serial specialties approach. Both are good in their own right, but this personal brand is a bit of both.

A consistent jack of all trades layer, with a tree specialty for each phase.

Phases are what I call each of the specialties or focuses of my content. First one was around the Modular Degree, and while that isn't fully done; I knew it would take a while to get out there.

The next phase is focusing on exercise as that is my day job expertise, and I thought it would be wise to create content around that while I am still doing it. However the first phase isn't finished, rather far from it, but the initial start is. Now when a phase "ends" it won't just stop, but rather juggle with the rest.

What is a polymath?

You might be asking me what a polymath is, and that is a fair question. I have a post below to help explain it, but in essence it is someone with multiple deep areas of knowledge and/or learnings. Usually in an at least journeyman level, if not masterful, and that is what I aspire to be.

PolyInnovator is just documenting my journey to getting there.

What is a polymath of Innovation?

Sort of more of a niched idea of a polymath, rather than supremely desperate areas, the areas are more interlocked. Education, Exercise, gaming, music, but the approaches are that of the key goal of innovating those areas in some way. Seems a bit redundant, or even far fetched, and maybe more desperate than I lead on! haha

Personal Takeaways

Why should you care then? This is a personal brand, and unless you know me, then you might not care. However the things I will tackle in each phase are the things you will care about, and over time you'll start to care about me and my journey. Simply because you have been on it with me.

The content are you way of connecting with me.

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OmniContent, Content, and Big Endeavors

From all of the stuff I am creating, there is a theme that bridges out the journey.

Even from a young age the urge to build out a platform of change was there, and PolyInnovator came about on that journey.

The stuff I talked about today are quite important, and give an interesting perspective to how content is created in the here and now. I didn't go into deep deep detail, but that is what the other posts linked are for. As I write this I am thinking about what to say in the video.

I aimed to explained what PolyInnovator is, and what the phases are in general. I think I did that, but there still leaves more to be desired in the HOW. If you are curious then I encourage you to watch the accompanying video, or listen to the polycast. I make them separate from the written, so it adds on missing parts verbally.

Take a moment and think to yourself how you might grow out your personal brand, and create your own foundation for future careers!

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