600 Posts - A Look back on my journey as a Blogger

TL:DR | A deep dive into how I started blogging, and what have I been talking about in the last 600 posts? What will the future of my content bring?

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600 Posts - A Look back on my journey as a Blogger

I have been making written content longer than anything else I make. I started way back in high school with my first blog called the United Living Construct. An endeavor close to my heart, and something I hope to continue working on one day.

I found myself drawn towards content, as even back then (around 2012) the idea was to convey the message via "modern" forms of communication. That being content, and my most natural form of communicating felt like writing.

On one of my most recent endeavors, the PolyTools YouTube channel, there is a series where I interview other content creators. One the questions I ask most all of them is "out of the 3 pillar content, written/audio/video, which one is your favorite to make?", which is an interesting thing to ask. As it comes down to what is your natural creative flow essentially?

Some people love talking on camera, others don't want to deal with the video, but love talking; Thus podcasts become their medium. Others are more like me, it starts with a blog, newsletter, or a script.

How I got started

It all came from an idea that most endeavors that I resonated with like The Venus Project, Blue Frontiers, and other futurism focused organizations. They failed at garnering enough attention.

TVP in particular finally eventually started taking content seriously but it took half a decade before that happened. I even reached out to them in the early 2010's so that I could try and help.

My point is that I wanted to #Makeachange in the world, however I needed a platform to do it. There needed to be a hub of innovation in the world.

I started sharing those ideas via a blog on Wordpress back in the early 2010's. The posts were too short, and I wasn't consistent enough. Not to mention I split the topics into World Unity, Self-Development, and making a change. While all 3 were important, there may have been more progress had I just started with one.

Eventually I would move to platforms like Medium, Substack, Airtext, and more.

All of which had their own benefits and cons.

One of my first blog post thumbnails back in the day for PolyInnovator.

It all started with this idea that I wanted to create change, and that lead me to innovation. Polymathy became more and more important to me as a subject, and as a goal in my own life. I wanted to incorporate that somehow into my personal brand.

I followed the naming convention of "ULCian", or people of the United Living Construct, and made a term called PolyULCian. Which for a time was what I called myself. However that had too much prior knowledge needed to understand. Thus I quickly changed it to a new name I created: PolyInnovator.

The blogs were mainly focused on Self-Education, and particularly on my DIY Degree at the time. I started making the OmniContent series. Which was an attempt to create a series that was a blog/video/podcast in one. Honestly I still think it was a great idea, just the execution was off.

Every so often I would make one of those posts, plus a number of regular blog posts, especially during my "catch up" sprints I've done over the last 5 years.

As I have always felt "behind", mainly because I created this trajectory in my head, and a list of posts I want to get out at some point.

These ideas meant to be shared.

What have I written about?

From the personal journey entries (almost like this one) of the Fireside Codex, to the OmniContent/PolyInContent, what topics HAVEN'T I written about??

I even adding a new tag recently that I have been thinking on for a couple years. That being relationships.

There are a vast array of tags, each with their own unique posts. Some more than others. Obviously my main topics are Knowledge Management and Polymathy. Those are going to take priority, but my sub-brands have a lot too. Swimming, Polytools, and gaming all have their own place on this blog too.

There is 50+ PolyTools Digest newsletter posts, 70+ swimming posts, a dozen gaming posts here (more on the other site), 40+ U.L.C. posts, plus the plethora of other posts.

Not only have there been a vast amount of topics thus far, but I have even more to go into in the future.

This post came out of the fun of keeping track of how many times I have written here. I will continue to keep writing, and maybe one day I'll be the next Seth Godin with 1000's of blogs on my site. Although even my newsletters are longer than his posts haha (Much love Seth!).

I will get better at writing my PolyPRO posts, so that the membership is worthwhile for people to subscribe. I was even thinking the other day that perhaps I could put my books into PolyPRO posts as well. Thus if you wanted to buy on Kindle you could, but if you already have a membership here you can just read here.

There are quite literally like a 1000 ideas for blogs/podcasts/videos in my Obsidian vault. I want to get them out as soon as possible, so that I can start expanding further.

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