A Revision of the PolyInnovator Ecosystem

TL:DR | Once again I find myself needing to reignite the flame in me to post more effectively and consistently. One thing I intend to do is completely revamp my ecosystem of content.

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A Revision of the PolyInnovator Ecosystem

Its time for another update post of what's going on in the world of PolyInnovator.

Over the last few months I've been revamping the various content hubs for all of the stuff I make. Preparing the Polymath PolyCast for the new 7th season, trying to refactor the Swim Academy to be ready for when I finally release the book. PolyInnovator Gaming hasn't really changed much besides the logo, but trying to make content consistently on there again!

The one that changed the most is the formerly know "PolyInContent" stuff, which were related to the "PolyInContent Model" of the same name, and PolyInContent Digest. Which talked about said model, and also had Creator Spotlight Interviews. Rebranding now to match up with my new website directory of tools I've found, which is call "PolyTools"!

What is a "Content Ecosystem", and what is mine about?

This is essentially the umbrella of everything you create. Think of a youtuber who has 4 different channels, or perhaps a channel/blog/podcast/etc. They may make content on 4 different topics, hence why they are separate channels or platforms.

However the key point is that it is THAT person who is doing each of them. All of those channels are part of that creator's ecosystem. There tends to be more overlap than people realize, and if you work on it too. Then you can have each of your endeavors support the other.

Everything you create falls under your ecosystem. I also highly recommend that the umbrella node be your personal brand to unify them all.

Why I built MY Content Ecosystem!

PolyInnovator is that for me, it is my personal brand, it is my online name. Everything I do falls under it, even if I were to make a completely new IP tomorrow, and it has nothing to do with anything I've created before.

It would still fall under that umbrella. In fact I've played with this concept a handful of times.

I wanted PolyInnovator to be the foundation of any future phases of content, or any careers within my life.

The Main Umbrella - PolyInnovator

The majority of content I create! At the time of this writing I have over 570+ blog posts, 245+ videos and podcasts, and thousands of short form videos on tiktok. I've been at this for a long while, and yet I feel as if I'm only getting started.


Over the years either the OmniContent/PolyInContent series, or even the PolyCast interviews as well, both ended up detracting me from making regular blog posts. Either for time opportunity cost, or energy, or just because I thought the blog post should also be a video.

The Omni in the OmniBlog, means All, which allows me to talk about ALL topics. I don't just have one niche on this website, and I never intend to just having one. If I want to have a brand for just one niche, I'll create a sub-brand like the Swim Academy.

I have a lot of blog posts coming up, 100's of ideas for all types of content, but in particular with the blog I'm focusing on the Knowledge Management side of things.

PolyInnovator YouTube

While currently it is mostly just interviews at this point, which is supposed to be my secondary thing. I plan on making content on Knowledge Management and Obsidian, just like the OmniBlog.

One mini-series that is still kicking even after "ending" the PolyInContent series, is the Four Pillars philosophy set of videos I wanted to make. I think I am going to batch them out, and create a series for this part of the PIOS.

The Polymath PolyCast

Hopefully soon I can start my 7th season of the show! I already have the first couple episodes lined up.

However my host, podcast .co, is giving me hell on moving off of the platform. Making it a bad time to start a new season.

With a ton of great polymathic minds coming onto the show, the time for sharing your multidisciplinary story is now!

Having Octopus-like Arms - Omnichannel

I think the key to having a wide-armed ecosystem of content is having separate hubs for your other content niches. I prefer the style of having everything organized well in one place, but sometimes you do need fresh websites or channels for that sub-brand to flourish.

Hence why I moved the PolyInContent Digest off of my home website here, and rebranded it with the YouTube channel to the "PolyTools" new branding (to match the new website of the same name).

Other examples would be my swimming brand (however I'm keeping the posts on here), the PolyInnovator Gaming brand, and down the line things like my Music or other future phases.

The PolyTools Site and Content

This is my new brand from this year. I have had the "PolyInContent Digest" for a while now. From there I started an interview series, a tool review series, and created a whole website to showcase the tools.

However I think I am going to rebrand it all to this new PolyTools branding. Even the newsletter, which I think might move to the new site. Or have reference links to PolyInnovator (given how Framer's CMS is kinda bad).

The PolyTools Directory (Website)

This is something I wanted to create for a long time, and while its not fully ready for public release at the time of this writing. I am hoping it is soon! I might have to remake it due to performance issues. However it is going to be a fantastic resource for any creator or polymath!

The PolyTools YouTube

I started out doing the videos on the main channel, however it soon became clear that the content was competing for attention with my other works.

Starting soon I will be doing more reviews, and teaching how to become a Modern content creator!

In addition to the vast amount of Creator interviews that will showcase how creators from all walks make their content!

The PolyTools Creator Spotlight Podcast

I started off strong with some really amazing creators, and with my vast experience doing interviews. I hope that the series only gets better, as I adapt my hosting style to this more creator focused show.

There are some really amazing people lined up to come on, and it is my hope that they are DIFFERENT creators than you're used to. Making it more likely you'll think of something, or learn something unique to help your content journey.

Recently I created an actual podcast feed for all of the interviews, as they give really unique advice. It only made sense that a content creation and repurposing channel, would then repurpose the interviews into an audio series!

PolyInnovator Gaming - The Generalist Gamer

The more fun centric part of my ecosystem. The point of this was that I already play a lot of games. While I do it to decompress, and I don't want to overwork myself by trying to "productivitize" something I do for fun.

I figured there was enough overlap that I could do it more without having to ruin the good parts. Plus I have a lot of games I want to share.

The Generalist Gamer Website/Newsletter

Taking some of my gaming focused blogs and giving it a home. It is also the homebase for all of my gaming content out there. Allowing for the links to be easily reachable.

This is where I share updates to the channel, Phasevos dev logs, and more!

PolyInnovator Gaming YouTube Channel

Currently wrapping up a season of state of decay 2 videos, but going forward I am going to be creating content around Pokemon. Quite a big switch, but given my focus on monster taming when it comes to the game I want to create. I figured it would be a great way to build up to the release of my game!

Phasevos - PolyInnovator Game Productions

This is a series I want to develop. I spent a month last year pursuing it deeply, and I found that I had something in what I was making. There was potential for a franchise, and not just another Pokemon clone.

PolyPRO - My Paid Mega Posts

I have to say I have faltered quite a bit when it comes to releasing these mega posts out. I had hoped they would happen more naturally. As I am usually in flow when I write them. However it seems that they haven't as much.

I do have a dozen ideas or so that I could work on, and I want to give people a reason to sign up for the membership after all! I think the next one is going to be around "how to be a modern content creator", as that is something I am talking about on the PolyTools channel too.

PolyPRO 👾 - PolyInnovator LLC | Official Website for Dustin Miller
If you would like to support these endeavors like the Modegree, and help them grow! Getting exclusive access to the various content types like videos, omniblogs, polycasts, and more! This page has all of the posts that were made to be dense, immensely useful, and talking about unique concepts. Stuff that I don’t even touch on in regular posts. There are a few for free members, but the rest are only available to PolyPRO memberships subscribers.

Future Phases and Overall Schedule of the Content Ecosystem

This is what I currently have as my schedule. However I am not totally sure if I'll stick to this plan. As I need to factor in timing with editors and other people. Such as the guests for the interview shows.

I want to create content more consistently finally, and I think I'm ever more close to doing that !!

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