What are the Big Projects for each of my Phases?

TL:DR | Each phase ends with a capstone. Either now or down the line, or both. I wanted to share with you all what I am planning. Maybe by doing so it will help me get them done!

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What are the Big Projects for each of my Phases?

This is a post dedicated to each of my phases, and their corresponding "big project". Now I should clarify I do not think every phase (talking in general for any person), will always culminate in an ultimate capstone project type thing.

However I do think that for me right now each of them has some sort of big thing I want to accomplish for them. Either that will essentially "end" that phase for now, I doubt for good, or it will be the much needed stepping stone towards the next big project to eventually cap off that phase.

I've talked about a lot of these individually, and sometimes together. However this is the first time where I talked about all of the phases together, WITH their projects. I'm going to include some temporary phases/niches, or ones that might have overlapped too.

Here is a PolyCast about what all I am doing NOW!

I stopped writing this one day, went for a walk, and came back. Upon doing so I had a realization that some people find this post to be a big egotistical?

As in why are you always talking about yourself, and even though this is a personal brand website. Why should we care about what projects you are working on? I for one wanted to mark these down, so that when they do end up happening one day. I can look back and see how long it took. Additionally, for you... you came here for a particular reason:

  • you met me in person.
  • you want to learn to swim.
  • you want to become a polymath.
  • you like swimming.
  • you want to become a polymathlete.
  • or something.

In any case, each one of those are one of my various niches that I create content for, and you resonated with one way or another. In doing so you showed an interest in that niche, and thus will most likely care about the penultimate or ultimate capstone of that niche.

#1 - Modular DIY Degree

This is what started it all for PolyInnovator. I created my own DIY Degree through knowledge management tools.

I wanted to document my journey, as Gary Vee puts it, and share my progress with my DIY Degree. I did to a point, but then I realized it was more important to share the information on the framework.

Thus the first phase began, and sowed the seeds for my current main niche.

The big penultimate project was releasing the template for Notion, and I need to get around to releasing for other tools as well now.

The ultimate project is to create a modular education learning platform. Of which would replace the need for universities in their current form. Let alone boot camps, and other forms of learning establishments.

Modular Degree (DIY degree) | Personal PolyInnovation System
This is a page dedicated to the Modular Degree, an experimental Self-Education endeavor for changing how we approach online education! Get started on your own Modegree today!

#1.5 - Knowledge Management for Polymaths

This started with the Modegree, but quickly grew well beyond that. I started using Notion because I wanted more than two layers of abstraction. I.e. projects and task were all that the other tools could handle.

Well it turns out that was because I wanted to create a holistic system, and I didn't know it yet. It took a few years for me to refine the PIOS, but in the end the Personal Innovation Operating System was created.

With the Modegree and Resonance Inbox as the INPUT, and the Content Production Ecosystem and Journaling as the OUTPUT. I was able to create a very useful tool. That transferred well between PKM tools.

For now the main project is to just simply release the template across different PKM tools. I'll need to probably redo the Notion one to some degree as well.

PolyInnovator | Personal PolyInnovation System
The PIOS, or PolyInnovation Operating System, is a multi-faceted approach to life and lifelong learning. Creating a plan on all the layers of abstraction to your life, and cultivating INPUT as well as OUTPUT.

#2 - Mr. Dustin's Swim Academy

Really the first phase with a big project I'm trying to complete right now.

I started the swimming newsletter to build up to the release of my book, which moved from one platform to this one.

However I didn't finish the book in the 70 posts that I had planned. Thus I took a break for a while to continue my work on other projects. I'm trying to bring that back into focus. Once I finish the book I'll be set to cap off this phase. At least until I am ready to create an underwater course!

📧 Mr. Dustin’s Swim Academy Newsletter 🏊 - PolyInnovator LLC | Official Website for Dustin Miller
After a decade of teaching people of all ages how to swim, I finally got around to creating content about swimming. Building out the Mr. Dustin Swim Academy Newsletter. Here on Ghost and Substack https://swimacademy.substack.com/

#2.5 - The Polymath PolyCast Quarantine Interviews

Interestingly enough, it started as a temporary phase, hence the "2.5", but became a big part of my content ecosystem. It is even the reason why I am growing now, and started working with OpusClip.

There are a couple projects I have in mind for this. One is just an extension, where I want to do the "Triple Threat PolyCast" where I do a delphi type method of podcasting.

The real PROJECT I'll do is gather every guest's clip of the question "what is a polymath to you", and create a series with that. As well as, compilations of those answers.

In the end, I'll create a book from the compilation of the PolyCast guests!

The Polymath PolyCast Interviews [Guest List]
These are all of the recorded interviews for the Polymath PolyCast. A podcast show that does video and audio, and talks about the life of polymathic multidisciplinary people!

#3 - PolyTools for the Modern Content Creator

This one along with the Swimming has been a long time coming. I have been always known as the tool guy. Where if you had a problem then I probably knew of a tool to fix it. Or at least a person who could too.

That directory of tools in my head, is now becoming an actual tools site for you to explore. I'm still in the process of adding tools at the time of this writing. However once down then the project will be "complete", and I'll be able to focus purely on content and adding more tools as I go.

PolyTools - For the Modern Content Creator
Fuel Your Workflow with a Universe of Tools. Find the RIGHT tool you need to get the job done!

#4 - PolyInnovator Gaming + The Generalist Gamer

Truthfully the project is just simply livestreaming, and creating content through that medium. It is more of a continuation process.

However in the long run I do want to MAKE games, and the first one I think will be my Phasevos monster capturing game series. Which is inspired by Pokemon, which is what I'll be playing for a while.

The Generalist Gamer
A generalist/polymath approach to video game playing!

#5 - Polymathlete - Polymathic Exercise

This phase has sort of started with a handful of blogs, however it is one of mine that will be a while away I think. Despite fitness being what I did a lot for a long time in my daily life.

Both personal and for work.

This was one of the areas I had to stop focusing on, in order to focus on more prudent phases. I think it will mainly be a lot of unique point of view exercise posts, and perhaps a few books down the line.

💪🏾💪 Polymathic Exercise - PolyInnovator LLC | Official Website for Dustin Miller
A subject of cross disciplinary training for exercise and the physical regimen.

Future Phases that will be Disclosed closer to Action

From music to exercise, and beyond. There are a lot of things I haven't disclosed what I am planning.

This post itself is already a bit of a spoiler, even though I have talked about some of this before too.

Although I want to keep some of it hidden for now, as I need to focus on getting what I started NOW done.

The United Living Construct [U.L.C.]
The intention is to create a hub of innovation, and bring together innovators from all over the world. Creating the future of humanity, with the greatest minds alive. Learning like polymaths, and creating to the highest potential.

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