My Ideal Career as a PolyInnovator

TL:DR | Sharing a bit of how I envision my life, and where it will take me.

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My Ideal Career as a PolyInnovator

Understanding that your life is a bunch of events one right after the other. Those events can be shaped, prepared for, and hopefully steered in the right direction.

Can you change life? No. Nor the consequences that it may entail.

However you can plan out the "phases" of your life, and organize them by priority, interest, and Ikigai.

For me that is what PolyInnovator is for, and the phases I do for it are sowing the seeds for the career of tomorrow.

Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are often the ones that do.

I don't know what I am going to accomplish in my life, I could get hit by a car tomorrow. If that happens then it is my hope I can leave an impact through my content.

Master of All Things

Shoutout to BotZero on X for helping make this!

Will I Master every skill, well no, that isn't really possible in the modern era. Being a Universalist Polymath as I call it (meaning a dozen or more expertise), is really unlikely. Being an Omnimath is impossible.

However being a successful Polymath (3 or more), is well within reason.

I already consider myself a Proto-Polymath I am well on my way.

What are the phases?

I'll go over what phases I have gone through thus far (skipping prior to 2017), and then I'll go into what I plan next.

  1. DIY Degree - Modular Education Framework
  2. It was going to be swimming, but instead was a focus on doing interviews.
  3. Essentially the Swimming/Exercise Phase (still on going but paused until I finish my book).
  4. Polytools, Content Creation and Repurposing (formerly PolyInContent).
  5. PolyInnovator Gaming - The Generalist Gamer.
  6. PolyInnovator Music - KJ Dmike

Phases that are thought about, but I am unsure about how or when they will happen:

  1. The United Living Construct (future global innovation city).
  2. PolyInnovator Game Productions (I have a ton of ideas).
  3. Acting, I am sure after making music I could pivot over into the entertainment world more so.
  4. Multiple successful book publishing (not a phase but I have book ideas for every phase).
  5. The rest are secret for now.

What is the Ultimate Goal?

The U.L.C. is the goal, to create a smart city full of innovative polymaths, that can lead humanity to the next era.

The Dgital Renaissance is the first step towards that ideal, and that is why I am so motivated to be a part of it now.

I will find a way to create this city, perhaps seasteading, and will be a beacon of what humanity can achieve when coming together.

Quick photo of my partner in crime:

What this all entails you may have to dig into the PolyPRO posts to learn more. I find that if feel like opening up it is usually during one of my longer form posts like that.

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