Who Am I? And What the Hell is a PolyInnovator?

TL:DR | By establishing these systems, creating content, and building my personal brand. I believe I can achieve some great things, and #MAKEACHANGE in the world.

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Who Am I? And What the Hell is a PolyInnovator?

PolyInnovator — Innovation Polymath

I am called Dustin by close ones, and ambitious by others. Always having somewhere to be, as well as the drive to push through even in the hardest times. I was writing a post in my Facebook group earlier, and was writing/thinking that during exercise I live for the days where I fall on my face. The moments of breaking only to surpass those moments later.

Growing up I always had a goal to become a CEO, later I would say “CEO of an international company, driven to innovate technology and ideology.”! This being said I was a teenager, so what sort of events inspire that in someone so young? Well the truth is I had a cascade of challenges that hit me growing up. Now I am not here to complain, as I know there are plenty of people in worse situations than me. That is one of the reasons I do what I do my actions because I know how it can be in a low state.

The suffering that insisted in my youth, is something I have been able to quell as I got older. Purely due to Self-Reliance, thanks Ralph Waldo Emerson, and cultivated more of a Stoic mindset. #Nietzsche #Aurelius

A symbolic image for my young life.

I felt compelled to write that part about me, even though I find it difficult talking about my past. I go out of my way to not let any negative notion take control of me. I always say that “Anger is a seed of corruption, if you give into it, then it only grows.”, which I think is quite fitting. I had such a temper as a child, and I learned to channel that into passion in some shape or form. Turning the emotions I felt into the tools I need to succeed. #RichdadPoordad

Becoming a Polymath of Innovation

Changing the subject let us discuss the more dynamic topic at hand. The PolyInnovator name or title, which is geared towards my personal brand. Simply put it is just a name for an “Innovation Polymath”.

This sort of combination is one that seems like a no-brainer, for most people would presume any polymath to have innovative tendencies. This is true and the prospective individuals pursuing them would say the same, but the type of polymath is what is key. If you are a generalist or a jack of all trades, there is a strong chance that the areas of interest are simply hobbies or a novice level. I have found myself following that same mentality of trying to call myself a polymath, when at that time I was really just a philomath (lover of learning). Becoming a novice in many areas has its upside though because of the level of overlap you can create, especially at intermediate and adept levels. This is where many innovations occur, in that Venn diagram in your mind, and cross sectioning ideas between fields. I.e. BioTechnology. #transcontextualthinking

Goals are a great thing to get motivated, achieve great things, however there are set of people of high standing who deem goals are a bad choice. Here is why goals are sometimes bad.

Goals are like a hamster wheel, you get to it, grab a hit of dopamine, then you’re off to the next one because you are left with an empty feeling.

The intention should be then to set systems of thinking, lay a stronger foundation, change the muscle memory of the brain if you will. I made a reading system starting a bit last year, which challenged my foundation. Never really did much until January of this year where I decreed that I would read all of Gary Vaynerchuk’s books. In that month alone I read 3 of Gary's books, and starting a reading “habit” from the system I had started the year before, which basically was just establishing the mindset of that “I am a reader!”.

After that anytime I found free time, waiting or bored, then I would read.


These systems are when you establish sub-routines in your mindset, and perhaps even subconscious via the Law of Attraction (if that tickles your fancy at least). I found affirmations to be a mixed bag, maybe I just need to use them more, but they did give me a quick pick me up in motivation.

Mainly I just changed my lifestyle, quit bad habits (as many as I could), and tried to establish new rituals. Such as the reading one above, and keeping a minimalist mindset in my home. If you see my videos you will only see me and my bed, which my desk and gaming computer (which is on a full bookshelf) are behind the camera. Either way it is a pretty open space, and I tried to do that throughout my entire home. Clearing your space helps you clear your mind, and keep you focused on the task at hand.

When I say affirmations I don’t necessary mean speaking to the universe like a lot of other motivational speakers do. I mean it more in a way of constantly reminding yourself of your systems and intentions particularly. This way if you slip off the path it can bring you back. Perhaps it is just a slow day, and you need a reminder of why you are doing that thing. If you are unable to decree that the thing you are doing, such as your job, is helping you towards your ambitions. Then you need to reevaluate why you are working at that job, and not somewhere else. Go where you are going to be able to take the next step in your life, even if you have to take a step backwards first.

Doing anything you don’t love doing you may as well be dead.


Here comes the reason I created this brand, and why I want to do it in the first place. Now I look forward to these content creation moments, where I have this tab open writing, and other for the video writing the script. Granted I have had a massive writers slump, despite the fact that it all comes naturally.

I actually enjoy this quote on quote boring part of the process, for the reason that to me it seems everyday that I am taking a 1% step closer to my ambitions. Some days it even gets up to a 2%!!!

What are my intentions then? Making sure I don’t say goals for the sake of consistency with the article, for one it is to convey to you that there is a lot of potential. Both in you as the reader, but in the ideology of the polymathic mindset. We have been raised to believe being a specialist is best, but as many futurists are realizing we are needing more and more polymaths.

This is perfect for me because I naturally have that jack of all trades mentality, for I cannot escape it. Why would I even, as the possibilities now with technology is immense. In that light my ambition is this “I will become a globally recognized Innovation Polymath, driven to innovate technology and ideology.”; Simple as that!

This means I need to have a technology background (I mean I built a computer when I was 11, and I built my current gaming rig to the top 97th percentile), a knowledge of sustainability (probably in particular sustainable energy), and establish credibility in Innovation (presumably I will via Social Entrepreneurship). This is my plan, to create a synergy of all three areas, which will become my career.

The hard part is that there is no education fit to do all of that for me… So I decided to create my own.

How It All Comes Together

I wish to challenge your assumptions for a moment. Imagine this: A world where everyone went to school for a time in their youth, but never stopped learning. They chose the areas of their interest to study, and the curriculum was created around the individual. Changed at the will and needs of the student. This sort of modular and curating education is where we are headed.

Seeing this to be the future outcome, I created my own Modular Degree, and curated a list of over 400 courses to fit my ambitious career (Now I trimmed it down to around 270). To create a synergy in my learning of: Global Sustainability Development, Innovation/Project Management, and Social Entrepreneurship.

In order to become an Innovation Polymath, or PolyInnovator, I need to learn the ways of the jobs it will mesh together. Learn Scrum, MBA ideology, technology of energy, and much much more. I am willing to do so too, which is saying a lot because it is a grand endeavor. However I can’t see myself doing anything else, or in particular anything less.

By establishing these systems, creating content, and building my personal brand. I believe I can achieve some great things, and #MAKEACHANGE in the world.

I will be a globally recognized Innovation Polymath. Driven to Innovate technology and ideology.
-Dustin Miller PolyInnovator


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