PI Forward #1 - Ecosystem

TL:DR | A start of a mini-series around the Future of PolyInnovator going forward. Today's post is on the ecosystem of content AS A WHOLE.

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PI Forward #1 - Ecosystem

PolyInnovator as My Personal Brand

The idea of PolyInnovator came from this concept of becoming a "POLYMATH of INNOVATION". However I don't see myself as that person yet, as it is going to take time. Lots of time.

The only reason why I even consider calling myself a PolyInnovator yet, is because of the fact that it started as my personal brand. My journey to becoming one being a part of that.

This personal brand, and all of the content within it, is my journey towards becoming that. I am starting this new series around looking Forward into the future of PolyInnovator: P.I. Forward.

What were the origins of this Series, and the Content Ecosystem as a whole?

While sort of inspired from Pete Sena's Forward Obsessed series, or just being future-forward in general. I had the idea of making individual posts for each of these topics that are coming here soon for a while.

The mini-series originally started out as PolyInContent, which was my main content series. However I felt that it wasn't quite working the way I wanted it to, and hindered my individual videos or blogs, even the PolyCasts.

This is important as it pertains to the ecosystem as a whole, which is the point of this particular entry. Since I chose not to continue with that series, these ideas that were left in that silo to become PolyInContent had to go somewhere. Some went to the videos database, and others to the blog database like this post.

PI Forward is Meant for Looking ahead on the Future of PolyInnovator

This mini series sort of started out as a sort of retrospective of what each focus was doing. Like the upcoming courses one would've talked about the courses I made, and a bit on the ones I WILL make.

However I found it more prudent to focus on what is coming. I'll still touch on the past, but I really wanted to be future forward. Giving almost too much of my plans in a sense. I don't expect everyone to read these posts. They aren't emailed out, and they aren't a newsletter.

It is simply a means to let me share my plans for each of the topics of each post. Whether it is the ecosystem, courses in particular, videos in particular, etc.

Looking ahead at what is to come overall.

The Future of the PolyInnovator Content Ecosystem

It is both simplifying, and getting more complex at the same time.

Since I got rid of the PolyInContent series, that takes a complication out of the way, and simplifies the PolyCast RSS feed as well. Letting me focus on making videos and blogs. To be honest making the PolyCast hasn't been that hard. I get a bit behind on interviews from time to time, but stay overall somewhat consistent. I can always make solocasts in between interviews as well.

However besides interviews the TeleInnovator YouTube Channel has actually been very sparse (if anything). The blog posts have been rather inconsistent, and I have a ton of them to get through.

Meaning those two need to be more of a priority, and get through the backlog of content I intend to make. As for the newsletters I simply want to get more consistent with them. I have FOUR currently, and planning on adding another one for the "PIOS with Capacities". Although I intend on batching more often with these, and if I get my habit back on track for these series I don't expect them to really take that much time each week. They are important for the overall ecosystem to thrive.

As they lay the ground work for the future "Projects".

[See #7 in this series to learn more]

Going Forward

Not sure if each post in this mini-series will be this long or favor a more newsletter-like length.

Although they don't have to follow any particular length, if there is something to share on a particular post I'm going to!

Hope you look forward to seeing more of these.


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