A Hope for a new Life

TL:DR | It is not just frustration, it is a lack of discipline. I keep up when working hard at my jobs, but for some reason I can't do it as well in my own business.

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A Hope for a new Life

Now I'm not sitting here wallowing all in my misery or anything. Although I have seen the signs of depression or irritability crop up. It had been a while since I made a journal entry into the Fireside Codex. Today I was working on something that made me excited, and considering all year I have been fighting the lack of excitement for creating. I wanted to explore that.

I create because I can. I create because I have something to say. I create because I have something that will help others.

When I make something I almost envision what the person reading might think, and how it might add to their lives. Even if it is something trivial such as a link. If you read one of my megaposts for PolyPRO, and find a single resource. Then that post was successful, as something about it was able to help you. Who knows maybe that resource was something like Notion.so, which can have the potential to change your whole life. I created a Life Operating System in the tool, and provide that to others.

The thing I am creating today that made me excited was a course. At least the start of one.

Let me tell you that ever since I started writing, there was plenty more I wanted to do as a creator. I wanted to help people in every format that I could, and when I started PolyInnovator about half a decade ago. Most of my time went into different plugins and technologies to figure out what the best one would be for me. As the saying goes, the best one is the one you actually do something with. So despite years of playing around with tons of learning management systems, even getting frustrated to the point where I wanted (still do) to create MY OWN LMS for the Modular Degree.

Although I came across Pensight, no small part due to Tiktok actually, and started making offerings on there. From 1:1 coaching sessions, meetings, and you can also create minimalist-simple courses. Honestly, I have the information right here, and I have been writing about Swimming every week. Notion every other week it seems like, and so there is a lot I can put down into a course.

I want to do more with my life, and I am sick and tired of my hometown. Every day I am reminded that I am not where I want to be. Physically and in life.

Why I want to Move to Austin Texas
Growing up I have been enthralled with the act of exploring. Finding new places, mapping out buildings or cities in my head. Austin is somewhere I think I can do that. As well as moving to a more modern place.
Why I want to Move to Singapore 🇸🇬
This is a personal post meant to share with people why I am planning on Singapore as one of the places I would like to move to. This could also be a resource for someone else in a similar situation, and wants information.

I just wanted to journal my thoughts, and I really should be doing this more often. Who knows maybe by putting it all down, then it will clear my head enough to get ahead. Each year in my journey I have faced some sort of challenge. I remember in some of my first years it was confidence and technology. Even as a techie I had a lot of trouble with Wordpress, to the point where I literally left the platform...twice.

Eventually I made it to a tool that I fell in love with, Ghost CMS, and that solved that issue. The confidence factor was more so when it came to videos and podcasts. Now I can make them with ease, although I still feel like there is something missing from my video content.

The last two years are kinda obvious what people were dealing with, but personally I was just trying to keep up with rent and my PolyCast interviews.

This year has been around Notion essentially, both the template for the Modular Degree, and the template for the PolyInnovation Operating System - PIOS.

In order to get them out I need content explaining, and in order to make content they need to be ready to go out. Maybe they are, but I just haven't gotten the nerves to release.

I think between Pensight, Ko-Fi, and BuyMeaCoffee I will have the reach to share the templates effectively.

Talk with Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator on Pensight
Omnichannel Content Creator; Podcaster; and Fitness Coach!. Hello there! These offers are to help you further your goals, and while I will be adding more down the line; I thought that teaching swimmi

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