Why Everyone Should be a Polymath in the Knowledge Economy

TL:DR | Creating content is a matter of juggling many different plates. Polymaths are people who naturally juggle plates. If you model yourself after one, then it will help you create content in the knowledge economy.

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Why Everyone Should be a Polymath in the Knowledge Economy

We all live in a digital world, and I want to be the greatest champion of that digital realm. Creating content brings me a fulfillment I can’t get in other jobs. Meaning the Knowledge Economy is the perfect place for myself, but what about you?

What about the people who may be stuck in the old world? Perhaps to no fault of their own even. Why then do I insist that everyone should be a Polymath in the K.E. (Knowledge Economy)?

Why should you be polymathic?

Well for one it is in our DNA, as for most of history humanity has progress because of the generalists. Even the specialists that we may think of as advancing humanity in some way, were inadvertently taking in what they knew from their hobbies or other interests in their main job. Meaning the transcontextual thinking that you get from being T-shaped or generalist.

Given the array of different technologies making up the world wide web, and the different layers of the internet if you will. There are a lot of things to know in general just to use it, let alone take the fullest advantage of the opportunity ahead of you.

Let alone in this new Knowledge Economy?

Instead of selling goods and in person services, we are now going for a more non-physical approach. Whether that is online courses, micro-courses, paid podcast feeds, or even online coaching. There are a plethora of ways to monetize your knowledge, and the successful economy that comes out of that is what we are talking about here.

Content creators making top of the funnel free content to gain the awareness of a viewer, then selling a digital course to that same person.

How do you go about doing that?

Well I see it as someone that is an entrepreneur, as when you are starting out a new business you HAVE to wear multiple hats. You are the backend, the frontend, the sales team, the marketer, the project manager, and the CEO… all into one. Maybe, just maybe, you are able to hire someone, or have a friend help you out. However for the most part you are doing a lot of those skills on your own.

Meaning not only do you have to learn various skills, and spread yourself out in the knowledge areas. You also have to be relatively competent in those skills in order to be successful. Then down the line you may even be able to market those skills as future courses too.

In any case you have to take the jack of all trades approach, then level up to a generalist-medium skill level to progress. At least progress to the point where you can hire people to fill in those roles, and save you the time needed to operate.

What even is the K.E.?

It is the cumulative efforts of all of these vast ranging content creators all over the internet. I’ll share some resources at the end if you want to take it further.

We are constantly learning in life, and those who are more autodidactic realize that the more you learn… the more you are able to do. When you reach a certain level your progress doesn’t end there, as then the skills start to blend and mix.

Then you start to see a pattern that other people DON’T see, or if they do they haven’t done anything with. That personal new path allows you to have a unique point of view, then that can be shared with the world in your own content.

You can then create something unique, that people will pay for, and THAT my friends is the knowledge economy.

The Rise of Knowledge Economics
What is knowledge? How does it disseminate? And what’s its value?

It is all happening across the board…

Given now that you have to be on so many platforms at once, then you really should employ a polymathic mindset.

I was once talking with my uncle, who happened to be a few steps behind me on the learning journey for content creation. We were discussing being on multiple channels, let alone all of them, and he couldn’t wrap his mind around being everywhere.

He thought that if you spread yourself too thin, like maybe many of you are thinking, that you won’t be able to do it all well.

While sure you should get good at one channel then the next, there is a point where people stop. They stop learning new platforms, then they die out with the platform when it fails to stay afloat.

Do NOT put all of Yours eggs in ONE Basket
Being a content creator means you are more valuable to your audience on multiple platforms. Don’t be a one trick pony as they say.

What he didn’t know, that I knew even back then, was that you don’t have to be personally on each platform. In fact it probably would be unwise to even try that. Although there are ways to expedite the opening of various sites at once in a browser. What I’d do instead is use a bit of automation, along with tools like Hootsuite/Buffer to reach multiple platforms at once. Change the text/copy, and then send out to multiple social medias.

He didn’t have that knowledge, and it showed in the creativity of the actions you can take.

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