Obsidian makes me feel more like Iron Man

TL:DR | This short post today is about how I think Obsidian gives us the tools needed to prepare for having our own personal JARVIS AI.

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Listen to this while you read this post!!

Having all your data at your fingertips. That is what it means to manage your knowledge. A second brain is a great way to describe what I am saying here, however I feel that it is more than just that idea of a "life OS". Especially for those who are polymathic like me or Tony Stark.

Organizing your INPUT, OUTPUT, networking base, resonance inbox, content production, habits, systems, and even tasks. They all fall under this idea of your holistic data for YOU.

While many people in my niche think you can't have an "All in One" tool. I do think that Obsidian gets close. If you can work with the plugins it has, then you can have it be all in one, or sync up with your task management app too. Personally I need a bit more robust project management, but I organize everything else in Obsidian.md!

Obsidian - Sharpen your thinking
Obsidian is the private and flexible note‑taking app that adapts to the way you think.

Activate JARVIS

"Yes Sir?"

Forget google assistent, alexa, or siri, as none of them hold a candle to JARVIS. Otherwise known as (Just a Rather Very Intelligent System).

Using keywords you can activate your assistant, from there you can tell it to many different things. I've seen people sync it up to their 3D printer, their knowledge management tool, or even just having a desk overlay for projects.

A guy name Huw Prosser created his own Jarvis even!

I have a google automation where I tell it "Activate Jarvis", and it turns on my work playlist for productivity, which is quite like the video I had you start listening to in the beginning. From there I hope to add more steps, such as "Ok what project are we working on today?", or something along those lines!

Knowledge Management is KEY to Creating Projects

My Obsidian Homepage

Creating your own way of doing things is key to having a system that works for YOU. However somethings are just universal. Needing to be able to download articles/save them, organizing your daily/weekly/monthly notes, tracking your tasks, and more.

Why I love Obsidian for this.

While there are some project tracking plugins for it specifically, there is really just app itself which helps I think in order to keep track all of the moving parts. Especially with the bi-directional linking.

Even just for my content creation for example. I can keep track of what is done, or needs to get done. I may not be able to plan it super well due to the project management plugins not being ideal for my use case. Although the Kanban plugin has done a decent job at prioritizing things for me!

Artificial Intelligence needs Your Data

If you ever want to have your own real AI assistant like JARVIS, then it is going to need a lot of data on YOU. Who you are, how you think, and what you need done. However I think a crucial aspect to people right now that is being neglected, is that we aren't MAKING enough data.

Meaning you aren't journaling, creating content, going onto podcasts, or really doing anything to share your thoughts. All of that data would be fuel for the AI to be trained on YOU. Locally on your own machine.

Preparing for your own Personal AI

While the prospect of using Capacities locally on your PC is a good idea too. I think the best two apps for this preparation would be: Obsidian or Logseq. Mind you I may like the latter, but there are plenty of people who do.

However what is key is that both are local, fast, minimal, and markdown is easy to manage. I do not think Acreom would be a good choice for this.

By saving the articles you want to keep around, doing a daily journal, and starting to make content (of which would have copies in your obsidian vault). Then you'll be able to prepare for when you need to train your own AI.

"JARVIS Open up Project #003"

I can't wait for the day that I can say that ^, and then proceed to work on a major new innovation in the world.

Being smart enough to be Tony Stark is not going to be the case for most people. Meaning we need to do everything in our power to keep learning.

Using tools like Obsidian helps accelerate that journey!

If you want to keep learning about AI, then listen to this!

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