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TL:DR | C'est la vie, c'est lamour. Two things I have been keeping in mind, it is life, and enjoying the love of fate. Second: It is love, and how romance intertwines with our life.

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What I have been telling everyone is that it has been a wild ride of a month. I found love, got a job, love turned into friendship, left the job, and even learned a lot about myself.

What I find funny is that this all happened because in June I decided to keep going with the flow. I left my water aerobics late last year because I was burning out, and it felt like a good plan to work for my grandmother at the time. That didn't end up working out for her work, which also put me out of work. No biggie I always have multiple jobs, so I simply coasted by on those. For the most part though since even before quarantine I had been not been making enough money. As in I made just enough, but not enough to catch up or save up.

An opportunity came across my screen end of June to work at MBS, a textbook warehouse, and it was for $14.15 an hour. Not great by any means, but at least keeping up with inflation. The very next day I received a call, and it was essentially the interview.

I was dog sitting for a week at the time, completely losing sleep because of the puppy, and then went straight into a float trip. A new experience for me, and I had to adapt even though it was a trip meant to relax. Immediately afterwards though I go into the job thinking it would be a paperwork day, and go home. Although I packed my lunch just in case. Turns out it was the first day of work, and the very first person I met was this girl I held the door open for.

Over the coming weeks we flirted day in/day out, and would bond a deep connection to each other. Both confused as to what we were, and I'd even say now a bit still too. However what was clear is that we both wanted to be at least friends, and grew very close to each other in the course of a month. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and her time in Columbia was up. I made a deep connection only to essentially lose it a month later, although with how many great friends I've met online in the past few years I am sure we could keep in touch great. Just still sucks! I even wrote a massive PolyPRO post about our connection, as writing helps me channel my thoughts. However I am still unsure whether or not I want to release that, or keep it to myself.

What am I doing... NOW? August 2022

After a crazy month I am just resting... well not really. I sincerely was hoping to just sleep in each day for a week, play games, and just relax. After all that job left me physically exhausted each day, mentally drained yet not stimulated, and the girl gave me an emotional roller coaster. Three out of four of my Pillars were completely out of whack, and so I am trying to just do my best at this point.

Between running errands, getting chores done, hell even writing this blog post, all of my focus has been on productivity in the last two days. Quite counter intuitive to the original goal. Although maybe these are things I need to get sorted before I can let myself relax.

Currently, I am sitting in the library typing away at this piece, and thinking about the next one. I find that I really love the concept of the "Grey man" where someone just disappears off the grid, and as a content creator I am literally the opposite of that concept. Constantly trying to get the attention of others through content.

All damn year I've been trying to get this collection of 40 or so posts out into the world. Written, video, and omnicontent posts; and yet I have been pushing them back each week all year.

What I am really considering hard is just putting my head down for a month. Maybe working a job or two, but only going completely MIA, and just focusing on writing each post. I will have to still be public when it comes to my swimming posts, and this one as they both are the consistent pieces that I make. Although the social sharing is automated, I still need to refine the copy in those as well, and so I could batch out a ton of content in the next week or two. Let myself relax otherwise, and not try to keep up with people like I normally do.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

I was telling a friend on the phone that when it comes to multidisciplinary people there are two paths: one where you juggle many things at once, and the other where you take a serialized approach. Tackling one thing then the next, and both are viable. In fact BOTH are necessary for success, not only for generalists, but for specialists too.

A point that is very dear to me right now because of where I am at, and is actually the very topic of a few upcoming posts.

The reason why I am so very focused on these few dozen posts, is that I find that I need more of a pool of content on the very baseline topics I cover. I really don't have that much in the way of polymathy posts, or even Modular Degree posts (especially with my upcoming template).

Those two are the foundation of my personal brand, and something I want to start building up SEO for as well.

Speaking of juggling, I am trying to spend 20% of my time focusing on other phases, and sowing the seeds for them. I finally let myself realize that recording myself at karaoke is probably the best way for me to start sharing my singing content, for the PolyInnovator Music future phase. I already started the swimming content to build up to the release of the book too.

It does seem like everything is coming together, if only I could speed it up!

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