NOW Page 45 April 2024

TL:DR | The struggles of catching up, but in other areas of life actually getting caught up. From my job I have been able to progress professionally, and get enough income to balance out my previous financial state.

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I wonder if I waited until the 2nd to make this because of April Fools, without thinking about it, or if it was because of the downpour weather. Idk.

I find myself actually on the 3rd working on this post, something is getting to me when it comes to content. I'm not sure what it is, these posts are usually pretty simple for me to make, and in my head they are really important too.

I think this shares what the last few months have been like for me. Practically no content creation being done.

Listen to this while you read, since I'm listening to it while I write!

What am I doing... NOW? April 2024

What is really exciting is that I have a trip coming up this month, and it is something I have been preparing for recently. Even if it is a bit too early! haha

I am trying to get caught up with content, but I need a system to rely on for this. Since Acreom faltered in what I needed from it, and the devs while being helpful didn't really do much to improve it. I had to move from Acreom, and I decided to go back to Obsidian. As it gave me a better experience with learning, saving articles, and file management than all of them.

Especially since Notion has been so slow and broken, the move to Obsidian seems to be the right choice. Although its frustrating cause the calendar plugins are quite poor, and there doesn't seem to be anyway for me to plan my content out currently. However I made the decision to go back to Obsidian, and so I'm gonna figure it out. I like having it all in one place.

Back to that trip, it is really exciting, and while it is mainly work. There is a time in the middle where I get to just explore. The first part is going to Vegas, for the NABshow conference, and that is a big event. Tons of people going, and then I'll be going back to Vegas for another conference a week later. In the meantime I'll be staying with someone in LA in the interim, which means I'm going to Vegas, LA, Vegas. Talk about a sandwich!

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

Conference, Obsidian, did I miss anything? Well I did support an Indiegogo campaign to get a mini pc at a cheaper cost, and that should be coming soon. Which is exciting, as the pc I mainly use is starting to show signs of end of life.

I also ordered the Retroid Pocket 4pro, which is a really awesome retro gaming handheld. I never found myself playing emulators on my pc much, and it just drains my phone's battery. With my newer Pixel 6 too, the camera bump prevented me from using a controller I used before to play these games. So having a dedicated handheld I think is going to be a great choice.

I think once I kick off my content plan again too, things are going to change for me. I'm trying to do too much, I know that, but I also know that I can handle it. Its not like I have much of a life outside of content anyways! haha

Finishing up my 6th season of the Polycast, finally, and I have a number of people lined up to launch my next season next month.

The Content Creator channel has plans that I think will do well, if I can stay consistent, and the Gaming channel has some massive plans. The only issue is editing, so if I can get that taken care of I think I'll be set.

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