NOW Page 46 May 2024

TL:DR | A lot has happened over the last month, and my desire to win has only grown ever stronger. Which is good I needed a bit of fire under my butt.

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NOW Page 46 May 2024

Just getting back from one of my longest trips I've ever taken. Going to Vegas, LA, then back to Vegas! Had the NABshow for the first part of Vegas, and then Grow with Video LIVE for the second part. Then explored around Los Angeles in the interim. Talking to a lot of content creators on this trip definitely got me more motivated to create more content.

I tried so many new things, explored the Vegas strip, explore Los Angeles as much as I could, and met a ton of new people.

What am I doing... NOW? May 2024

Right now? Well I'm making content, a lot of it. Prior to the trip I wanted to get back on track with my weekly output, and slowly increase what I was doing. However now that I came back all fired up, I've been pretty good each day at getting out what is needed.

Starting soon I'll increase my output three-fold, as I have it on my calendar to do 12 blogs a week, one normal video per channel, one long form video per channel, plus my 3 newsletters as well.

I got really frustrated when I was talking to all of these creators, and they would see my tiny following. When I have the skills to have done more by now.

I'm grateful for the people who have followed me thus far, they have been with me. It is purely the lack of output from me that has kept me from growing. That and the lack of marketing at times. Which I find to be something I need to fix.

In a bigger view MACRO, What's Coming up

I added the Creator Spotlight to a podcast feed, and I have tons of really amazing creators lined up. I created new logos for PolyInnovator, and all of my sub brands. So that they now have a cohesive style to them all.

Still need to find a new recording tool after dropping Riversidefm. Although there's a number of choices on the market at least. It is just not a great time to be changing tools, with some companies laying off people, and others getting acquired. Lots of changes in that space as it turns out.

I'm cooking up a lot of content so that I can hopefully finally catch up like I have been saying for years. I got distracted by the interviews, as they were really important too. Now I'm going to delegate the editing of those longer videos, which is going to help me tremendously.

I want my channels to grow!!

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