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TL:DR | Trouble with productivity apps, along with persistent internet outages. Looking ahead, plans include new systems, completing Polycast Season 6, and focusing on content creation, polymathy, knowledge management, gaming, and interviews.

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Sorry I'm late! I don't know what came over my mind the last few days. I remember being late a day or so after I was supposed to get this out, and yet I didn't do it.

Now here I am many days later finally getting to it.

What am I doing... NOW? February 2024

I'm so frustrated that I am stuck. Stuck from editing because Davinci Resolve won't work, just literally crashes for no reason.

Stuck from being productive because I rely on planning my content each day, but my productivity apps have failed me. Notion, Acreom, Capacities, Obsidian, etc.

Stuck in general because my internet keeps repeatedly going out.

I'm actively looking for a replacement tool, that can consolidate my notion, capacities, and obsidian systems. I feel that once I do have something like that, it will help me tremendously. I almost feel like moving the capacities stuff, like content plan, back into notion now that the calendar app is finally launched.

At least then I'll only have two tools. Although I'm really trying to find a local alternative.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

If I can get my content back in order when it comes to planning, then I have a ton of really great works I want to get out. In relation to polymathy and knowledge management, my two main topics.

As well as, the gaming and interviews content too.

I'm super close to finishing the Polycast Season 6, and I think I'm going to take a break for a while after that. This will also let me focus on the PolyInContent channel. Where I can make more interviews, reviews, and feature overview videos.

Once I get my baseline back, I'll be able to finish building out the PolyTools site, writing the swimming book, and other big projects.

That's all for now, but it is important to me!

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