NOW Page 44 March 2024

TL:DR | I share my excitement over completing a long-cherished project, PolyTools, a vast toolbox for polymaths. Now shifting focus to content creation and work tasks, my need for consistency, detailing plans for a proper PolyTools launch and prioritizing a more straightforward content strategy.

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Oh man I'm so excited! Mainly because I was finally able to complete a project that I have had on my mind for years. No matter where I looked I could not figure out how to make this vision in my head come to life. It was just that I wanted great design aspects, it was also function too. I need both. No MVP per se, but really just a super solid launch.

If was to stand out amongst the competition if you will. The project is called "PolyTools", which is a polymath's toolbox of various software.

From there I am now able to focus on other tasks, such as normal content, and of course my job. I could not put the pencil down figuratively, and I would work for hours on end. It has been a while since I got that deep into Flow.

What am I doing... NOW? March 2024

Now its catch up from the last couple days. It was like I was in a trance, could not look away, or do anything else.

Should be simple enough. Write 2-3 blog posts Fri, Sat, Sunday, each day. Finish a giant spreadsheet for my job, all the while not drinking little to none caffeine, and balancing all of my other tasks.

I would definitely watch the Vlog version of this month's Now Page, as I go into more detail about the tool there.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

I'm going to do a more proper launch the site, even likely on ProductHunt among other places. I'm wondering what sort of other things I can do with it.

If I could just get my sprint of content accomplished I'd be really excited.

Just like with any creator I need to get my consistency up. I'd really like to finish up my latest season of the Polycast, and then take a break for a while.

Focus on the more basic content strategy.

The PolyInnovation Operating System - PIOS 2024
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The PolyInnovation Operating System - PIOS 2024

I created the PIOS to be the solution to my problem, and to be a PKM framework for Polymaths. As there was nothing before for multidisciplinary people. In this post I wanted to share the journey of how the PIOS evolved until now, and where it is going.

Polymath vs Philomath
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Polymath vs Philomath

A quick explainer of the difference of polymath versus philomath. While similar they are not the same!

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