Why I Create so Many Content Series

TL:DR | Creating multiple content series, juggling many things at once, and establishing your skill in many areas as well. Understanding how your voice changes depending on the medium.

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Why I Create so Many Content Series

Let's be honest here most of my followers either think of me as prolific (posting a lot consistently), and the others think I am spreading myself out too thin. The funny thing is they are both right.

All of this time I have been overwhelmed with something, it is the way of life I guess, but because of that constant pressure from something it hinders my consistency. At least that is my excuse after all, but I do keep pretty consistent on a few of my series. While a lot of the other ones evolve over time.

Every piece of content we make as creators changes us. Each piece will teach you a new lesson, and over time after 100's/1000's or more of pieces of content you make; They all compound to bigger lessons that you just start to understand the world a lot more.

At the time of this writing I have just over 200 podcasts, about 200 videos (1300 or so on tiktok), and nearly 300 blog posts. It has been a while ride, and I am literally only getting started. I write when I feel upset, inspired, motivated, or even this right now came to mind. I then decided to immediately open up my editor, and put words down to the page per se.

Let's Start off with a List

Depending on whether you follow me for a specific topic, or from a particular content type/platform; There will be some series you are familiar with, which after all is why we connected.

For every medium I have series made, or series in mind for the future. I'll even tease them in this post, as I think it will be better for you to understand the overarching plan.

I think things out way too far in advance, and that leads away from being in the present moment ironically.


With video I found that there were many different things I wanted to try, and I also experimented a lot more. I wasn't sure what types of videos I would be good at, and I will probably keep experimenting too. I've been holding onto this Reddit video on polymathy that I need to post for example.

The first series that comes to mind, ironically not my most important, but is my most consistent is: The Now Page Vlogs. A concept I stole from Derek Sivers of a Now Page blog post, which I turned into a monthly VLOG as well. I think it will come in handy down the line having a history of what is going on in life. In fact tomorrow is the first day of the month, the day I make and post them, and I have had one of the craziest months of my adult life in July.

Another series is the Polymath PolyCast Interviews, in conjunction with the Audio series of course as it is a podcast. They are probably some of my biggest assets right now, as the interviews are super unique. The formula I use to conduct the interviews has been cultivated since the beginning. I spent an abnormal amount of time prepping for each show.

The basic interviews go as long as they need to, but there are going to be sequel series interviews as well. Hopefully pretty soon, as in by the end of the year. The first being the Round 2 PolyCast, where I have the guest back on for a life update, and the second being the Triple Threat PolyCast. Where I have 2-3 guests on, and we all interact with our various pools of knowledge. Seeing the contrast and similarities.

Lastly, I make a lot of videos out of pure interest in a topic, or out of need for it for SEO.


As I mentioned prior there are the interviews, but there are a plethora of solocasts as well. I create the Fireside Micro-PolyCast as a personal audio journal, or a place to share ideas I feel are worth sharing. These last about 3 to 9 minutes!

Additonally, there are a lot options when it comes to medium length solocasts, as I do just a longer version of the Fireside ones essentially. Although these medium episodes are quite a lot rarer.


Ah yes the apex of my content I'd argue, and while I find myself writing this post out of nowhere I think it will turn out well. I love to write as I have discovered over the past couple years. As I said moments ago I have had quite the tumultuous month in the last 37 days or so. I literally wrote out a long form blog post just simply to get my thoughts and feelings understood.

Speaking of long posts the first series that comes to mind is the PolyPRO posts. There are no particular theme with them, except the fact that when I feel super inspired to write about something then I create them. Which may seem like a very flighty way of approaching a series, especially one that you have to pay for in order to read them, but over the course of the I usually make about 2 per month. I strive to be at least semi-consistent, with them being about biweekly as best I can. I have started a few over the Summer this year, but I need another couple items in order before I can post them. So I think in the past couple months I only posted 1 each, maybe none in July actually.

The aforementioned Now Page Vlogs oftentimes start out as blog posts, as writing gets my thoughts in order, then I record the video part. They are more of a twin post series, rather than just me making a video of the blog points.

NOTE: Even when I have series that go across content mediums I do try to treat each medium to it's own strengths. The only time I really "can't" is when I simply cut the audio from a video to make a podcast, which I only do for the OmniContent.

I have a few series on the OmniBlog that have been made over the past ten years, across a multitude of blog platforms and names. One being the Four Pillars series, where I talk about each factor of life: mind, body, spirit, emotions, or them all at once.

I started a series on the concept of Ikigai, gaming posts, and more. They aren't something that has to be consistent, but rather interesting enough for me to make (or probably more importantly interesting enough for you to read them).

I recently started, FINALLY, my how to swim blog post newsletter. I mainly use Substack for it, which is weird to me, but I also cross post to here as well. I think that the OmniBlog (here) will always be the top priority, but I wanted the discoverablity of substack.

There is a series I haven't talked about hardly at all online, and that is my Content Repurposing series. I have been playing around with all of the tools, talking to the CEO's, and trying to build up thought leadership as well. I think it would be a newsletter a lot like the swimming one, but for the subject of content repurposing. Ironically I need to get more consistent with my own repurposing first, and then I'll start doing that. I could even post an interview each month too or something.


Finally we get to the big shabang! The OmniContent is what I've always considered to be my MAIN series, and it is sort of weird to say considering I have far more interviews released than OmniContent sprints. Still haven't fully decided if it is "OmniContent Sprints" or OmniContent Episodes". I made the series to episodic, thanks to the mentality of Chopcast, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

However it is more of a formula for how I make random pieces of content, and how I can systematize the repurposing aspect. RATHER than a series that is meant to be sequential.

The really cool thing I have planned for it, is the various mini-series spread within: The Four Pillars, Ikigai, How to Be an Influencer, and many many more.

Why I think it is worth it to have so many

Look I get it, that is a LOT, but that is the point of my personal brand. I literally have such a wide variety of interests, and what is more important than me is that IT IS A LOT MORE COMMON THAN YOU THINK.

We all have different jobs, hobbies, interests, new skills, and things to talk about. If we are content creators we shouldn't be so strict with what we put out there. Most of the time that decision is based on search engine optimization ALONE, and that is a shame.

The more series you make, then the more experiments you try.

Getting to 100 Posts of Each Type

Look the amazing Roberto Blake, or other creators for creators niche, they will all say get to a hundred posts. Seriously, I could not agree more, you learn just SO much from that number alone. I think in general they mean 100 of your main type, so if you're a blogger, then a 100 blog posts. A podcaster? A hundred podcasts. A video creator? Then make 100 videos, and 10 short form ones.

Although where I diverge a bit is that I think it is wise to mix them. I'm not fully set on whether the 80/20 principle comes into play here, or if you should literally do 33/33/34.

Perhaps it depends on if you are naturally multidisciplinary like me, i.e. a multipotentialite/generalist mind, if you are neurodivergent or neurotypical, and finally how much time you have to spend. If you are severely strapped for time because of work and home, then focus on the pareto's principle pathway.

80% on your main medium, then 20% learning the other two.

If you do the thirds approach, then it will set you up for your own OmniContent series, which in turn helps you learn content repurposing much deeper a lot quicker.

Finally, I think you should just strive for 100 posts of audio, video, AND written as soon as possible.

Being Experimental

By creating new series you allow yourself the creative freedom to do something that you normally don't do. If a subscriber isn't a fan of that type of content, then they can know to avoid that particular series. It is hard if someone only sees that series though, and not that you have multiple. That is why it is very important to communicate to your audience what you do, and how you do it.

One thing to keep in mind too is that if you start and end series regularly, then it can lead to dissapointment, or even annoying your followers. I probably have at some point myself even. Although most of my series are still on my to do list, as in I haven't given up on them.

How to Manage it all

I'm just gonna say it again: Notion.so ! By far the best tool I've found to do all that you need as a multiformat creator. I liked clickup, monday.com was cool, and a lot of teams like Asana. However none of them come close to the level of intricacy you can have with the lego-like Notion.

I created my OmniCotent database first, and later on the "Omnichannel Content Pipeline", which the former is a series, and the latter is a holistic database. I eventually merged them too, painstakingly, and that allows me to have everything all in one place. All I got to do is view the database via a content type, tag, or property.

Being a Generalist Content Creator

By dabbling, then going full send into each content type you learn across the board what people like / don't like. It allows you to view content more as an ecosystem, perfect for repurposing, rather than just a constant stream river.

Nowadays you can't be truly successful with just one platform. If you put all your eggs into one basket, then you are beholdened to that platform. Which is why many of the famous tiktokers for example spread themselves out to YouTube, Twitch, or OnlyFans. Allowing them to funnel their audience into their own domains.

More so at least than on TikTok itself. I'd still argue you should funnel them to your website, like this personal brand site, or something like Uscreen.

Spreading Yourself too Thin

I've been the victim of this from the start, and that is honestly due to my multidisciplinary-ness. Such as the partial quote "jack of all trades, master of none". However by working harder, practicing more, making more, and giving it enough time you can achieve greater results... "but oftentimes better than a Master of One."!

Having systems is key to being successful, and I think I have been refining mine more and more each year. Perhaps too there is a level of USAGE that I am not reaching with my own system. Need to take advantage of what I have created for myself more.

What is Consistency if not...

Continuously putting yourself out there. By taking a more multidisciplinary approach to what types of content you make, and the amount of series you employ in your content pool. Then it all comes into a holistic approach to creating a consistency layer of content for your brand.

When you create multiple series your voice is different for each one, not only do you show the world a different side of you, but you show yourself as well.

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