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TL:DR | Back up against the wall with nothing to lose. What do you do then? Well this is what I am doing NOW...

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I'm standing on the edge.... of the pool. Debating to myself whether or not I want to jump in. Now I had already decided prior, as I was doing 100 push ups to get my strength back to an acceptable level. Initially I thought 150, but I realized that the pool is probably still open. I had yet taken the time to go over there in the few days it's been open.

I counted down from three and jumped in, now I had already made my way over to the deep end, so it was straight into the deep. I jumped in and instinctively started swimming to the other side. Now I noticed some faults in my swimming, such as endurance or slight panic in breathing, but those are things that get trained out over time. They are the first things you lose when you stop anyways, and so I felt this feeling of relief that I still had part of me there.

This swimming exercise, + push ups, are part of my rejuvenation attempts to improve my life. While all of my Four Pillars are misaligned, there are a lot of things we can do to improve them.

What am I doing... NOW? June 2022

A lot of days of introspection. I always have worked a minimum amount of hours over the course of my life, this is because I wanted more to work on PolyInnovator or to play. This came at a cost of savings or benefits, but I had the freedom of time. I felt that was a worthwhile price to pay, and it was...

Now I have felt the strain of quarantine's lack of income, and the ever lessening income from teaching fitness. I have been looking for work, and I finally got around to applying to another cruise line. Probably the better of the two anyways. I am constantly feeling like I am fighting an uphill battle.

I know many other people have it worse than me, and so I gotta just relax a bit more. However we don't know how long we have in this world.

Memento Mori

I find that there are so many things I need to do in this life, and information or wisdom to share. I see the world differently, and this isn't a ego/vain thing. Just a matter of fact, and I am lucky in that way. I see the beauty in things that others ignore, I see the waves moving in flow in the pool, and I see the structure of a person's body I am training.

The life we live is what we choose it to be, and I have chosen to share wisdom through content.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

I've been continuously creating content left and right, and that isn't gonna stop soon. I have too many posts to get out in the next few weeks. I am hopefully going to start my swimming posts asap, and during that also work on the book. At the end of the stream of posts I'll have worked on the book enough to get it out in the world.

In the next month of posts I have stuff on polymathy, but probably more importantly I have the content centered around the Modular Degree template. Getting that in the world, and I'll feel content for now about the first phase of PolyInnovator. Almost as if wrapping it up for now, and over time I'll get the feedback needed to improve it more for the app platform.

I really need to get back to doing interviews again, for I have people waiting on me to interview them. I feel bad, although I gotta think about my own mental health, as I was really burning out from doing them. I need to hire an editor, or partner up with someone, something. As my focus should be centered on creating, and organizing the business side.

I feel so behind, so alone, and honestly like my back is up against the wall.

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