NOW Page #20 Mar 2022

TL:DR | Flux and manifestation, both coming into the light, as changes occur on all levels. Welcome to the Now Now Now page, where I talk to you about what is happening presently.

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NOW Page #20 Mar 2022

Honestly, I can't even comprehend the date. I asked Google home what today's date was. The voice said March 5th, literally four days after I was supposed to do this update. That seems to be a theme as of late though, with all of my work being pushed back.

The life I live right now is in flux, I mean that not only in the work department, but in every other aspect of life.

I lack any sort of romantic relationship, all three of my jobs (outside of Poly) are in flux, and I am essentially completely detached from my home city.

What am I doing... NOW? March 2022

They haven't asked me to run karaoke for a month, and it was probably silly of me to consider that one of my jobs. I was just subbing after all, but the work was great and gives me experience for other venues. My "day job" if you will is helping a family member with dogsitting and picking up my sister. I was getting paid for it since it was so crucial. However they are changing their own life too, which means my work is no longer needed in a month. Sadly, this past week one of our dogs suddenly passed away out of nowhere. It has been hard on all of us.

Finally, the Arc (my "main" place of employment for the past decade) seems to be wrapping up in my view. I have a few months left until my ten year anniversary, of which to me feels like the mark to leave on. I might come back for a day a week in my water aerobics classes, which will help transition out of the capstone.

As for PolyInnovator the main thing right now is Content Content Content. Yet I haven't been doing it. I don't know what is happening, but my motivation is waning. I can't believe it because I am so close to the goals of PolyInnovator's first couple phases. I have the LLC formed now which is a huge deal, and opens up the doors for new endeavors.

On another note, since I haven't been productive in the proper way as my brain sees it. There has been two smaller endeavors that have been progressing. I felt that I should DO SOMETHING. I found myself watching/organizing my watch later playlist on YouTube. Something that managed to climb up to 700+ videos, which is way too much, and now I got it down to around 130 videos. Either deleting, watching a ton, organizing to more descriptive playlists, etc.

Another endeavor, related to PolyInnovator Gaming actually, is Apex Legends. A game I have felt attached to for a while now, and striving to get better at. I had only tried to climb the ranked scene once, and got to Gold 1 which is like not even half way. I managed to get to Plat 4, which is a step higher. Hopefully reaching Masters by the end of the season. For those who aren't in the know, that is a steep climb, but I am determined on that front.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

One theme I see a lot in these Now pages is that it is often a lot of the same. I'm still working on some of the same stuff as the last few months. I'm not sure if it is because of how fast I THINK I can do things, or if I have been extra lazy or what.

I think I initiated phase 2 too early, as I am now going back to work on the Modular Degree Notion template for phase 1. Not to mention the PolyInnovation Operating System as a whole, of which the Modegree is part of.

Some people will just want one part, such as the input or output fuctions, and so I separated those from the whole system.

One of my biggest challenges is getting myself to create content as of late. Even this post took too long, and it is one of the easier ones to make. I am also working on one of my mega posts for PolyPRO, that I am almost done with.

I try to get out 1-2 of those a month. With my income being completely broken from the lack of hours from my jobs, the next thing I need to focus on is getting work. I can't work on Poly without having the bills paid, it just doesn't work for me I get too stressed. It is too early as of now to monetize too much with PolyInnovator either.

Time to just build it out.

P.S. I'm just going to post this, it is literally a week later after I was "suppose" to release it. I think I got the information out in the blog, and I am going to skip the vlog for once. I don't have that much more to add, or want to really, it has been a really shitty week/month/year so far.

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