Different Kinds of Written Content Mediums

TL:DR | When writing online you have a few options of getting started, let alone dominating the written space. These are the types of written content you can make!

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Different Kinds of Written Content Mediums

As a creator of written content you have a few options on how you branch out your works.

So many people put medium on the same level as ghost or wordpress, and it simply is no where close. Ghost is a mix between wordpress and substack, and in my opinion the BEST modern tool.

Although depending on your needs you may prefer to write on substack, or want to be everywhere like me. Take it from me I have been writing for ten years now, and have tried all of these platforms. Sometimes more than once in the cases of wordpress and medium.

Official Blog Posts

No matter what I think you should start here, and learn the skill of writing. I personally don't follow all of the rules of writing, but that is after learning them initially. The home site for all of your stuff to fall into, that is what this site is for me, and what you need to funnel from all of the other content on this list.

Main Blog I.e. Ghost or Wordpress

Honestly I don't think wordpress holds the same weight as it once did, and even though a large chunk of the internet runs on it doesn't mean it is good. I had to have over a dozen plugins just to get my site to run. Constantly had to update, and waste so much time. #metawork

I found the simplicity of Ghost to be a breath of fresh air, and I still had the options for expansion. However I had to do things a bit more manually through the API.

Ghost.io Check out my review here:

Ghost CMS Review - PolyInnovator
What does a multi-platform, multi-content, and multidisciplinary person have to do to find the best Content Management System?? Look no further than Ghost!

These pillar pieces of content can also be used to inspire your social blogs, and be curated in your newsletters.


Yes there are countless email marketing tools out there, they go for an older style approach to creating a newsletter experience, whereas these below focus on the modern writing meta.


Not the best on this list, but out of all of the email marketing tools out there it has set a name for itself. I honestly enjoyed how the user interface worked, although that was a while back. Felt like it was worth mentioning, but moving on.


This would make for a surprisingly huge contender if they could just fix the twitter side of things. Supposedly there is a module you can add to your twitter profile to have people subscribe to your blog, and if you tweet out a link then it automatically turns into the module.


Now I am going to say Substack is a mix between this category and the next, as there is a social element to it. Like Medium there are other people on the platform, and I have found a lot of colleagues by the means of finding your friends on there. Making it a lot easier to be found, and personally I am impressed with how much marketing I find coming from Substack like on podcasts.

This tool I used for a while for the Fireside Codex, my personal entry type journal blog, and I think I will go back to it once I start up the newsletter again.

Social Blog Posts

This is getting to a different way of writing, more for a quicker experience, and catered to the platforms. Now just because my upcoming plans for them are short form does not mean you can't write long form. I have seen tons of long posts on medium (for better or for worse), and hive.blog is certainly a place you can do it.


I once stated that I wouldn't ever go back, and in truth I haven't. Even now as I am writing this and planning out my next endeavors there is a hint of resistance. However it feels to me the same as when I resisted Apple iTunes, where it was solely based on my opinion.

Granted with medium it was because of their greedy tactics, but as a platform that is growing there is a lot of potential still left on the table. Personally I'll probably be posting the same articles from LinkedIn to there.

LinkedIn Pulse/Articles

One of the two top organic platforms for growth as of the time of this writing. However I have yet to take full advantage of that, and I wanted to do so a while back. I had paired every OmniContent with an accompanying LinkedIn article. Even though they weren't always on the same topic, it was more of a habit stack to do them both together while in that creative thinking state.

I believe that they are going to continue to grow, and it is worthwhile to post on there.


Honestly I sort of group this more so with Ghost or Wordpress, rather than Medium, but I do describe the platform as a mix between Reddit and Medium. I find that by planting your flag on the blockchain platform to get a headstart on the web3 world to be a great idea.

Bonus: Ebooks

This is the longest form of digital writing, and honestly there are multiple ways of forming an ebook. However it should be mentioned in a post like this!

My Strategy

Here I think is the most important part of the post, as the idea isn't shared with many creators. I think you should try to be on all of these platforms. I mentioned how I don't like Medium personally, but my opportunist mindset kicks in.

The more platforms you are on, then the potential for you to be discovered increases. There is the issue of SEO, and I would never suggest you cross post your ACTUAL official blog posts as I called them. The only time I'd cross post your main series is on Hive.blog, and even then I'm still mixed on.

Never to medium.com, never.

However, you can cross post the other two types:

Share the same post to Medium and Linkedin, share the same email newsletter to ghost emails, substack, and revue. Then you can reach the audiences there, but not put all of your effort to those platforms. Sure it takes time to syndicate, but I think it is worth it. I am going to do this from here on out, and increase my output more so. Let me know what you think on this too!

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