Communication with the Internet Tree

TL:DR | Web of Communication | Today our post here relies on the word: Web. The internet, and web of polymaths in the United Living Construct Network.

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Communication with the Internet Tree

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“A World Of Service”

Today this post here relies on the word: Web. This is going to mean two things, the internet, and web of polymaths in the United Living Construct Network.

At this moment in our time we are using data as consumers daily, for hours of the day. This is data that is created by content creators, producers, and creatives. In the future that data is going to be more saturated, and not just because of the rise of the content creator markets, but because it is going to include much more than creativity.

The data that we consume, like this blog post you are viewing right now, is all on the internet. Everything we create as a species, gets cataloged and put on the web.

The problem is the inferior infrastructure that the internet is based upon. Lets just ignore the crumbling physical highway, fiber, and transportation infrastructure at the moment (I am curious to see how blockchain will change some of this with IPFS). Simply focusing on the data structure. You have your computer/phone/tablet, connects to your modem/router, then to a spot generally down the street from you, that then sends you to a service center server, which then transports you to another center, and so forth until you get to that website’s server. Nowadays most websites are being hosted on the same places, Bluehost, Godaddy, Wordpress, Wix, etc.

That at least keeps the data in one area, so it is a little more organized than just people all over the place hosting their own websites on their own server.

Steve Job’s Vision

There is a change in our future, and the future of the internet held within it’s grasp the inter-connectivity of each individual person, with everyone else on the planet. The beauty of it is how right he was, him and Bill Gates both. Despite their differences they both had vision for how the future would work.

Cascaded Forrest

This change is going to be something that will ripple across the world. Jack Ma describes the the technology aspect brilliantly. Though we at the U.L.C. know that there is much more factors involved than just tech, government, and jobs. There is a philosophical and economical correlation that needs to be addressed at the same time as we address the technology revolution. It will impede our progress if we don’t, and despite Jack not really mentioning it in the interview it seems he knows that too.

Let us talk about our situation now then, we have these little pods, or hubs, of internet, and our data is traveling between them. As we start to create more and more, and AI starts to collect more and more, we will have too much to deal with. We won’t at first know what to do with it all, and not only that our current systems will not be able to hold, let alone process everything. This is where quantum computers will be extremely helpful in our advancement when they are started to work.

Our structure is a ticking time bomb if you think about it, and although it has only gotten more advanced, our way of thinking about the internet has stayed the same. We as a species on the internet evolved from blogs, to podcasts, to video, and eventually Virtual Reality content. The thing is that is just the TYPE of data, and not the form of data and process of it. There are so many hours of video on YouTube at this point that even if you spend your entire life 24 hours a day, all year, just watching videos you will never watch them all. Even if you filter out repeats, unnecessary, and boring stuff.

Our Future is an Internet like a Forest

If one network is like a tree, then just imagine what the entire internet is like. There isn’t even an equivalent on the planet, for the Amazon Rain Forrest doesn’t even come close!

If our internet now is like a tree, then our future must become like a forest. It is a simple metaphor to put in perspective the large scale of the web. We use metaphors like this in Astronomy and physics all the time. Why wouldn’t we for things like the internet, and world wide communication. There are projected to be 9 Billion people in our near future, and at the current point of our 7 Billion we have now only about half are on the internet. That means every single thing you have ever seen on the web was created by only half of the world’s population. Eventually access to internet will be on the same level of severity as food and water.

This means all of the parts of the world who are in poverty, and can’t even get food and water, will be getting internet when they get their resources. When those countries start to develop more, then their citizens will go on the internet too. This is a great thing, but the repercussions of that is that we are going to have to deal with the same level of immaturity the internet has caused, for just a little bit longer. We are starting to grow out of that stage in our “Internet Life”, we are becoming the young adults of the internet age. Though when all of those brand new users start to get on we will revert back at least to our late teenage years, if not pre-teen years. More than likely not for long, but it is a point to make. More over there will be double as many content creators as there is now, and when we hit 9B then pretty much all of them will be on the internet.

Our resources, infrastructure, and systems are heavily strained now, wait until that happens. This is why we must change our structure of our data tree. Either we need to go from a cherry tree to oak tree in stature, or we need to just simply add more trees to the forest. Creating new networks for the world to travel and create into.

The framework of the internet was shaped by two things, the government, and the users. The governments of the world needed communication for their military, and organizational efforts. The users, all of us, shaped how it should be used, and how we can use it to advance our society.

We shaped how it formed over time, by how we used it. It was a new toy, and we were the kid to play with it. Our society has just gotten into late teenage or young adulthood in the internet’s timeline. There is so much more ahead, and considering the fact that only HALF of the world’s population is on it right now means a lot.

The entire online culture could, and probably will, shift into a new direction when everyone is on it. This will be good thing, and some people will oppose it at first. Claiming it should stay the same, but they are the ones that hold back innovation.

PolyInnovator and U.L.C. Construct

The United Living Construct is meant to be a hub of innovation for the world, and in order for that to happen there needs to be a structure or platform in place for that. Obviously what I am getting at is the internet. Though the framework of it right now is weak, and small thinking.

This will form a larger connection between each country, and each person within. A stronger framework would mean a stronger connection, and transfer. There technologies being developed now such as wireless light internet beaming between two towers, Quantum computing, graphene, and much more that will be used to build that network. Think the “Extranet” from Mass Effect, or communications in Star Trek, to be good examples of what could be!

The world is at our fingertips, and we use it to play candy crush, or google how to make brownies. There is so much more potential to be made here for the advancement of our kind. Our species, saying that just may seem weird to the person reading this, but think about it on the bigger scale. We are an infinitesimal spec of dust in a much larger galaxy, and an infinitely greater universe. Our time-span is extremely short on the lifetime scale, even on the scale of humanity ITSELF.

Changing the way we approach our current situation, and more importantly the future situation.

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