The Content Creator Meta (Summer 2024)

TL:DR | The future of content creation, especially with platforms like Tiktok, Shorts, and new entrants like LinkedIn and Pinterest, is a major concern. Diversifying and backing up content, considering decentralized networks for written work, and staying updated on trends are crucial for long-term success.

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The Content Creator Meta (Summer 2024)

This is a subject I've been thinking about a lot lately. Not just because of the Tiktok ban, but just in general. Content is my cup of tea, and the future of content is something I'm constantly worried about.

Always trying to prepare and be ready for the next big thing, let alone paying attention to the current updates like vertical streaming to youtube shorts.

The PolyCast episode to go alongside this PolyTools post:

Its pretty short, but I go into some interesting topics. Hopefully you'll leave learning something new, or have a question for me to answer in a video.

Short Form Video

Two platforms that most people are not looking at: Linkedin and Pinterest... for SHORT form videos.

Now that people are much more used to this format, the mindset of syndication has become a lot more common. I used to tell people (I still do) that you should be posting to Tiktok/Shorts/Reels anytime you're posting a short video. It surprises me how much some people need to be convinced by that, even though it makes logical sense.

The only one that is unique is tiktok, and it is the trendsetter so really anything other than there is fair game. Meaning if it does well there, it should do well elsewhere. I found myself adding pinterest to that list, and I got more amount of views than all of the other three COMBINED.

Now that Linkedin is joining the game slowly, it seems to me that there are a lot of opportunities even without Tiktok.

The Tiktok Ban

This is the THIRD one I have gone through myself as a user of the platform. I really don't think it will get banned. To be honest the excuse they used in order to ban it is actually unconstitutional. I do agree with tiktok on that front.

However I do really understand the concern of privacy, and even national security. It just humors me how little the senators know about Singapore.

Whether it is banned only for a short time, or for good. There are a lot of other platforms you can go to. I would suggest posting now to them if you haven't already.


I lost all of my vines, so don't make the same mistake I did.

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Written Content - Decentralized Networks

This is gonna be a shorter section on this particular update, but in the future it might become a huge deal.

Ghost CMS recently announced they would be joining a blockchain network. Making them even more like Steemit/, and a real viable alternative to too or Mirror.

Having your content on the blockchain is a surefire way to futureproof, and protect your written works.

Quite note on cross-pollinating your content:

This post includes a Polycast audio episode of the same topic, which is a different niche brand. It is under my personal brand, whereas this post is that of the PolyTools brand. I'm also sharing this post as a community post on the PolyTools Youtube channel.


I can see this being another mini-series like the "My Current Tech Stack" one that I do every quarter. I feel like with this post however, even though socials change almost month to month. It might be more useful to do every six months.

There are some lessons saved for another day. Hopefully this short post gets you thinking about your content more in a macro sense. It isn't always going to stick around, but by paying attention you can for example use decentralized platforms to prepare for WEB3.

We are reaching the end point for web2 platforms.

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