Alternative Pokemon Games (PKMN Clones, Monster Taming)

TL:DR | The monster collecting game genre is growing, and that includes the game that I am making too. Here is what I found in games that are akin to Pokemon.

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Alternative Pokemon Games (PKMN Clones, Monster Taming)
Please read this first! Just because I call them Pokemon Clones, that does not mean that they do not stand out as their own series or games. I have a lot of respect for these game creators, and of the PKMN series itself. It is just a useful descriptor to help people understand what I am talking about!

I've been on a journey to explore all of the alternatives out there for the Pokemon games. Partially in the mindset of code bases so that I could make my own game. I list out the ones I found here:

Gotta Code them All - A look at Pokemon Clones
I have been OBSESSED with this project of making my own Pokemon Game. I created tons of assets using AI, and just from my own skill as well. Now it comes down to the coding, which is why I found all of these...

I share SOME of the fully released games out there, but I have found a couple more. Not to mention I wanted to go into more detail about these. I have hardly played them at this point in time, but perhaps once I do I'll come back to this post to add my two cents! Maybe I'll even stream them.

Here is a list of games!

I want to make posts that help people, and that aren't found elsewhere. Sometimes unique list posts like this are just the thing to do that!


Coromon - Become the hero we need!
A JRPG-like monster taming game set in near future. Explore a charming pixel world filled with challenging puzzles, interesting creatures and titanic bosses.


Nexomon | The Original | Out Now on Switch, Xbox & PlayStation
The original Nexomon is coming to consoles for the first time! Embark on an epic journey and build your ultimate team to take on powerful Tamers.


Yanako RPGs
Yanako RPGs creates retro video games from scratch, and also acts as a service provider for other developers. Check out our products below, or click on our portfolio if you’re interested in hiring our team to work on your game!


Temtem – Crema


EvoCreo - Pocket Monster Game - Apps on Google Play
Start pocket monster catching like games and tame neo monsters like trainers

Monster Crown

Monster Crown | SOEDESCO®
Unravel Crown Island’s dark story as you create your own monster legacy. With a history of sadistic rulers and heroic saviors, the island faces another threat in the form of a malicious young woman seeking power. It’s up to you and the monsters you make pacts with to prevent the return of tyranny. W…

Cassette Beasts

Cassette Beasts - Adventure. Battle. Transform.
Fuse any two monster forms during battle in this indie open-world turn-based RPG!

I watched this video and found more!

I wanted to give this YTuber a shoutout


DokeV — An Open World Action-Adventure | Pearl Abyss
Get ready to rock the world and embark on an adventure with your Dokebi friends in this creature-collecting open world action-adventure!


Skyclimbers on Steam
Build your kingdom, choose your class, and tame monsters in this Multiplayer City-Building RPG that takes place in a procedurally generated anime-themed universe.

Disc Creatures




This is the game I am making myself to fill into this genre. While being fueled with nostalgia, there is a need for novel experiences.

I wish there was a way to unite these endeavors in some way. Perhaps join up with one of the games above, and create this new series together with lessons learned from the other game's release. Some of these games fail to make an impression one way or the other. EvoCreo is one of the best on this list, but lacks a website or marketing. Temtem is great at those, but lacks in the feeling of the genre (They have their own vibe if you will). I hadn't even heard of Monster Crown or Coromon until really recently. Coromon at least has some notority.

Some games change the formula too much like Cassette Beasts or Nexomon.

Honestly the graphics for a lot of them are hit or miss in some ways. Coromon have phenomenal creature designs, but I cannot stand the overworld character sprites. I think they're based on the "Mondern Interiors" asset pack, and although they make fantastic tilesets. The sprites have a lot to be desired (blocky heads, and limited shading).

It seems that some of these games are too afraid to stylize the game enough like Pokemon, but that is what people in this genre want. Experiences like the GBC, DS, or GBA eras. I think that is why Dokimon has so much potential, as it is just an enhanced gameboy style game.

This post was inspired by this video

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